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"United Methodist Accountability?"

by John Thomson

You may be watching [United Methodist Accountability Watch], but your watching is as effective as a partially comatose patient. I do applaud your effort, though. It makes it easier to leave the UMC. I have.

It appears that no one is doing anything to stop the rascals who are turning the once-evangelical UMC into a feel good place, which has a liturgy of godliness, and lacks any unction from God. These people are worse than well-intentioned dragons; they are destroyers of faith (is the Bible relevant today?), they are mollycoddlers of evil (we must include all, especially the politically connected.), and they are making the church fund foreign political revolutions instead of bringing true change through sending missionaries.

The god of many clergy in the UMC is mammon. Bishops urge churches to increase apportionments, but how many urge in increase in holy living, or revival? Surely, there are some very godly bishops, but there are many others who push for a political agenda that is distinct, and in many cases in opposition to the clear positions in Scripture. (I shudder to think what would happen if the pedophiles or those who practice bestiality would unite like the gays and lesbians.)

If the church has its theology eviscerated by rascals, then the denomination has many churches that are shells of the glorious past of Methodism. As the song says, "the church is not a building... it is its people". The people who are the church need to take action, then.

Worship is not confined to one building or a location. Only a mass exodus will turn the tide for righteousness because only then will the mammon-worshiping clergy understand that God is holy, and he wants his people to be holy, not popular.

Shalom, John

Rev. John Thomson jthomson@sosbbs.com

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