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Christians Murdering Babies

by Rev. Jim Rudd

Have you ever seen a mother and daughter enter an abortion clinic together? Like all Christian preachers who have spent years preaching in front of abortion clinics, I have seen thousands of mothers and daughters entering abortion clinics together. Have you ever tried to call a maternal grandmother to repentance from murdering her grandchild as she is entering into an abortion clinic, when all along she is there to give her consent? Most Christians, who call themselves "pro-life," never see what goes on outside of abortion clinics. Most Christians do not realize that hundreds of grandparents everyday give their "consent" to murder their grandchildren in obedience to "parental consent" laws that Christians have supported and passed into law.

As Christian preachers who have seen the murder of children under laws supported by Christians, we find ourselves in the heart-rending situation of having to warn the righteous of their iniquity and call them to repentance (Ezekiel 3:18-21). Just like the pro-abortion people who will render an account in the Day of Judgment because they supported and passed laws to murder children, Christians involved in the process of supporting and passing laws to murder children will also render an account for the innocent blood they have shed.

According to recent news reports, after 30 years of Roe v. Wade, eighteen states request "parental consent" to murder children by abortion, fourteen states make an attempt to issue "parental notification", and eighteen states have some kind of "waiting period". All of these laws were supported and passed by Christians. In 30 years how many innocent babies do you think have been murdered by abortion after someone has given their consent, or after someone has been notified, or after someone waited 24 hours -- 20 million innocent babies, 25 million? God only knows.

Murder is a crying sin. The innocent blood cries out to God from the ground. Blood calls for blood, the blood of the murdered for the blood of the murderers. When innocent people are murdered, God not only hears the innocent blood crying out to Him for Justice, He also takes into account all the people responsible for the shedding of that innocent blood so Justice can be administered in the Day of Judgment. Rest assured, every person will face their accuser and every drop of innocent blood will be avenged. (Revelation 6:10; 20:12-15)

God's judgment will include, but not be limited to, every person responsible for the support and passage of laws that specifically allow for the murder of innocent people. To think otherwise is to suggest for example God will not hold Germans accountable who supported and passed Nazi laws that were used to murder innocent people. The Nazi Hunters did not find every German responsible for the Nazi holocaust, but God knows who they are. This also applies to abortion laws that are used to murder innocent children. God knows every person responsible for the support and passage of these murderous laws.

How did we ever get to the place where pro-life Christians are just as responsible and just as guilty of murdering children by abortion as the pro-abortion people? God means what He says when He says "Thou shalt not kill." For Christians to support the passage of laws that specifically allow for the killing of innocent people is in direct and open rebellion against the kingdom of God! For Christians to join in the shedding of innocent blood demonstrates a great "falling away" by Christians who have believed lies perpetrated by people who take on the appearance of religion but are in fact murderous wolves in sheep's clothing.

"Beloved, remember" we are foretold, that these things will happen in the Church. The General Epistle of Jude warns us that "certain men crept in unawares" (v.4), who "have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward" (v.11). We see these people everyday within the pro-life movement -- within the Church! Political special interest groups lying to Christians by calling these murderous laws "pro-life" so they can raise financial support -- bringing Christians into murderous bondage! Political partisans, who care more for their political party than they do for the ways of God! The lesson in the Book of Jude is that we are to be watchful against such evil and perverse men springing up in the Church, and when they do, we must contend earnestly for the faith in opposition to those who would corrupt society with such lies. Now I know that there are many pro-life Christians out there who have never thought about the consequences of supporting the passage of these murderous laws -- because you were mislead into believing that such laws were "pro-life" and you believed the lie. The good news is that God has provided for you a refuge of hope against the Day of Judgment for your personal involvement in murdering children.

In the Old Testament the LORD commanded Moses to appoint cities of refuge where the slayer may flee, "which killeth any person at unawares" or unwittingly. (Numbers 35: 9-15). Today, Jesus Christ is our City of Refuge. The mercies of salvation, through Christ, prefigured by these cities in the Old Testament, are Christ raised up on the cross; exalted at the right hand of the Father, as Lord and Saviour, to give repentance and remission of sins. Thus Jesus is The Only Refuge from destruction for His people who unwittingly "killeth any person".

All Christians involved in supporting or passing these murderous abortion laws -- yet at the time you supported them you honestly believed you were doing something good -- God knows who you are. Cry out for repentance! Turn away from being involved with these murderous laws and flee to Christ. For Jesus has compassion upon ignorant people in His Church, and He knows the hearts of men. Give thanks and praise His Holy name for He knows the hearts of men.

Jim Rudd is the Washington, D.C., Director of the Christian Street Preachers Alliance.

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