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Epistemic Confirmation

by Lee Gosset

I have spent the entirety of my life in preparation for the writing of this letter…
do not allow that it should become as wasted…

Since I am well into the autumn of the days of my life upon this earth, there can surely be little to gain from my propagation of any falsehoods. It would be far simpler for me to swallow a whale and the sea in which he swims, than to mislead you with misconceptions founded in folklore and of fantasy. For two quarters of a century, for the entirety of my life, I have sojourned in the desert of an enigmatic empire. I wandered into the middle of a desert in search of a forest, and I stumbled onto an ocean.

And the name of this ocean, I did not recognize; for it was a forest that even I, had expected never to find. And if I was unable to locate that upon which my search was vainly focused, how then, should it be that I could fathom this mysterious body of water? For it was a vast and mighty ocean. It stretched everywhere and touched everything. It permeated the sand beneath the soles of my feet, and was the cause for the color of the skies above my head. How could it be that such a magnificent body should escape detection, for it covered the earth and the skies with its enormous presence?

And while I knew that I understood perfectly, yet I also understood that I did not perfectly know why I understood. I expressed an evidence of this knowledge fully eleven years preceding the writing of this confirmation:

A Song of Love

And being quite alone and comfortable,
on a day that was the prized calf of
serenity, I, frolicking among the
wild straws which would never know harvest
lay upon an earth of rush as green as
                    Mint leaves, pungent
And finally waking, gazed up and saw
(in wood, upon which saws would never gaze)
such sprightly covered sails-
tugging at their moorings,
anxious to cast off bridles-
to frisk and gallop
in the open-ranged blue sea
which saddled the earth
And pondering loud as the land was
peaceful, blessed the footfalls which led myself
down the cleverly concealed trail which
began and ended near this moment;
reaching high as lilacs’ fragrance spicy,
with questions, steeped as starless nights, I,
waited in the silence warmer that the sun
And responding in the lull succeeding
a trilling dockside choir’s spontaneous invocation, I,listening loudly in silence, heard
wisdom skitter loquaciously over pulpits
hewn from bedstones,
projections rising to form syllables
rounded as the stones-
perfect as the ground-smell lusty
And as I stood upon this earth of rush as green as
                      Pine boughs, poignant,
boisterously shouting, I was enthralled
with this moment of life immersed
in bright visions I was happy and free, as sagely
serene as the threshold-crossing moment of death!

And I vowed to discover for my own person, only that which was true and only true, accepting nothing, lest it should be contaminated with the diseases of distortion and opinion. All manner of speculation and supposition withered, swirling beneath my feet like winter leaves in the wind.

Even so, I have examined from among the many works of the sighted and the seeking, the mighty and the meager. Yet I found only glowing coals to dispel the discomforting chill of realization.

For I could find no one in all the world, in all of time, who understood what I understood, nor in the way that my understanding defied understanding. Who, in all the world could possibly comprehend my claim, for my wisdom originated not from within, but from without?

Of what use to me are your opinions, though sometimes clever, some profound, when the keys you vainly search for can’t unlock the door that can’t be found? For to know these things is grass beneath my feet and wind against my cheek. 
And it was in the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the final year of the second millennium, that the source of my knowledge was at last revealed to me. My eyes were fiercely opened by a passage in a book. And the book bore the name of John, contained within The Bible:

…And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him; but ye know him; for he dwelleth in you and shall be in you…and he shall teach you all things…  

And so, the story that I am about to relate to you is leading through this door. Every word I tell you is absolute and true. If otherwise, or unknown to me, I will advise you accordingly. And when I speak of truth, imagine that you are standing in a desert, in the midday of a summer’s afternoon. With a clear sky all about you, you close your eyes for an instant. Now, will the sun still be shining in the sky when your eyes reopen, or not? Do you think it will, or do you know? What I am telling you then, is far truer than even this. 

And whomsoever it was who spoke these words in the book of John, the same is the master of all understanding. For he has plainly identified the source of all truth and knowledge and wisdom. For these are precisely the things which I, for all of my life, have clearly seen. It is impossible to imitate or replicate this type of understanding. It cannot be taught; neither can it be learned. It is impossible to enter with it into coercion. It cannot be induced, seduced, deduced or traduced; for it is, and only is, a gift from the Creator, who is called God.

Because I was able to instantly recognize the source when it presented itself to me, I am rightfully endowed to testify that the man who spoke these thoughts can speak and only speak truth. If the entire Bible referenced of only this brief passage, it would be enough for me to know that it is proven, that the man to whom these words are attributed is who, and what he claims to be. It is not possible for it to be otherwise, for he waves wisdom about as freely as the wind stirs the wheat and the sun warms the sand. And he calls himself Jesus, of Nazareth, and His claim is to be the Son of God. And I do not feel this is true. I do not believe this to be true. I do not faithfully envision these things to be accurate; for I know (and you cannot imagine the depths not the workings of my knowledge) they are true because He is become truth.

Now that Heaven has unloosed my tongue, I shall use it to sing from the tops of the trees, to shout from the highest mountains, all that I know to be true.

I will translate as much as I am able, as best as I am able, for I am standing in the Library of God. Even so, men perceive with a diametric mindset, whereas the universe continues its unabated manifestation in a spherical continuum. Henceforth it follows that the root of all evil is the lack of perception.

In this light, consider the plethora of defenses employed of the bear, turtle, viper, skunk, porcupine, chameleon, and sparrow, yet all for but the one purpose. Contemplate the diversity of the black man, white, yellow, brown and red, yet they are all men. And the languages and the religions follow cheek to cheek and toe to toe, for it is the same dance.

And who among you can truthfully claim a disbelief in God? For I adore your doubts and arrogance, but stupidity has neither honor nor glory. Those who are of the faith of the agnostics have at least an understanding for science. For who has explained God to you so perfectly that you should deny these things? I have seen no such works, even among the pages of the Holy books. Even He, who claims to be the Son, is unable to utter a single word of description. The answer, as well as the question does not exist. Men are unable to fully grasp the workings of motion, the patterns of direction, for we cannot define God, as rather God defines us. You are able and only able to deny expressions of the opinions of Men.

You, who are unable to comprehend this, are the same who cannot comprehend the workings of God. This God is perfect beyond any concept of genius that you might even dare to dream to attempt to envision, for perfection and genius are but tiles beneath His feet and sand upon His seashore.

Who among you would purchase a room instead of a house, or a wheel instead of a cart? For where should you live, and however would you get your grain to market? And yet you have decreed that religion is a room, and the sciences have become as separate as wheels. For these are the entrapments of the diametric designer.

Understanding that men could not understand,
God sent a messenger.
Call him a man, an angel, a saint, a fool;
A man so cognizant of the powerful truth of his message,
That he gave his very life to reveal the splendor of his vision…  

Jesus thoroughly comprehended the interconnectedness off the system. He also freely and fully admitted to the difficulty of placing into words, that which is wordlessness. And so he devised thoughts and situations that could only be fathomed by men; ideas most closely resembling that which he knew to be true. Even in this way did God become known as your Father.

For in reality (that which is truth) a man cannot divorce his wife because the possibility does not exist. Could you remove your legs or your arms, and then have them lead separate lives? Tell me, what are men able to understand, if not so simple a concept as this? Woman is God’s most wondrous creation. To a husband, she is like the church. You must protect her and defend her, and provide for her needs, in all ways, at any cost; in the mild sun of summer or against the fiercest winter hurricane, for she is become you. And when you are cold and lonely, and in need of sustenance and of a true companion, when your heart is broken and your children are hungry, she will be there for you. For the depths of her love are as untested as the vastness of the universe. 
Did you imagine it should be easy? From what studies in all of creation did you arrive at such a clueless conclusion? For it is within the nature of the struggle that true value becomes established. Even in a seemingly independent and personal system, where is joy without sorrow, health without illness, wealth minus poverty, life without death?

For a man is like a mountain, not unlike the upper arch of half a circle. And a woman is like a valley, which could represent the lower arch of the circle’s half. And just as the mountain does not align with the valley, so it is with human relationships. Did you imagine that it should have been accidental? Dreamers of dreams, wishers of wistfulness, for the struggle is complete and pervasive, and not without mission. 
And in the times when the man and the woman are able to come together in perfect harmony, when the compliment is complete, the circle becomes aligned as perfectly as the ring about their fingers, as the circle about the sun. And the light and the power radiate from within them, and they become as the energy of the sun. For this is the essence of wisdom, even that which is called love.

And who among you shall declare himself to be a thief, without also declaring himself to be an utter fool? Of what use is it to place a coin in your pocket, when your pocket has no lining? And who would rather sleep in a broom closet, than a room in a stately mansion? It is not possible to steal anything of value from another; neither is it possible to have anything stolen from you, for it is and only is in the pureness of integrity that the truth of value becomes established. Turn away from your pathetic stupidity, for you have forfeited your life for a mouthful of sand.

Those who can neither comprehend nor abide by the commandments, have a dull perception of life; your happiness is the bark of a dead tree. Why whisper, when you could shout, or lie prostrate, where you could dance? Why continue to follow the dogs, lapping pools from the street, when the wine is stocked from the vineyards? Did you imagine the commandments were issued for anything excepting your happiness?

For there is only one commandment: Love God with all your heart and soul and might and being; you would honor every other commandment if you honored this, for your understanding would be complete; you are your neighbor.

If you love God, then love your children. Do not abandon them to the devious designs of a predatory society. Do not neglect to use your every wisdom, even your shepherding staff; for failure to discipline is failure to love. And they will test every limit of their boundaries, and live by and die under these lies unless you correct them.

Blessed are those who are born with a heavy affliction, yet persevere in their struggle to stand on the path of the righteous; the more cursed the journey, the more glorious the victory. For there is no one born without affliction, and save for a small child, there is no one righteous.

Cursed are those who succumb to their afflictions, even more accursed are those who cause others to embrace their confusion, for the whole world will be dragged to the bottom of the sea on their account.

If you disturb the slumber of an unnamed child, you betray God’s sacred trust; your heart shall become food for a hungry wolf. 

Men who lustingly prey upon children, will suffer a fate more wicked than horror.

A man with a man is an invalid premise. The same can be said for misfortunate women. Climb out of the canyon or lie covered with boulders, for the stairway ascends from the mountain.

I cannot give you a reason for the nature of every affliction and disorder. This much, though, I can tell you for certain: the world is perfection. It is a system of balance in constant motion. And because it is perpetual, it is also perpetuating. Therefore, it is required to contain an indeterminate amount of random properties. These random properties underwrite the guarantee for the survival of the system, and for all that is individual within the system. Cloaked in dark irony, these are the same random properties that allow a single meteor to collide with this world, destroying all manner and matter of life. These are the laws, as I understand them, as they were written and applied to men.

And this is the relationship insofar as it has made itself known to me: God is like an ocean, Jesus is like a river, the people of God are like tributaries, and the water that flows throughout is the Holy Spirit (that which I call the Spirit of truth). All have different names, yet it is but one body.

And being justly asked how I could be so ascertained of this indefinable God, I am forced to surrender the serenity of my silence, for I dearly love my peace. But I worship truth even more than I value life, for life has no value if it has not truth, and the whole world has become bloated with charlatans, liars and frauds.

For in those days, my spirit soared on the wings of nighthawks. I embraced life as fully as the sky embraces the earth, for I was young and my love was as pure as the pine’s leaves green, as effervescent as the canna, red. I lived in an area of America’s southeastern seaboard at that time, amid the swamps and stately forests of sycamore and sassafras, grackle and copperhead, black snake and deer. 

And it was between the ages of five and of six, that, in dreams I was often visited by the same recurring nightly vision: I saw an enormous hand reaching down out of the sky toward me. And I could never see beyond the wrist of that projection. It was draped in a robe of pale linen. And it was the thumb that always captivated my attention. For it was so large and so massive, by itself nearly five times my size. And this hand would slowly surround and encompass me, as if to grant me some portion of comfort and reassurance. It was always the left hand, and the experience was always the same. It seems I would sometimes spend hours in this place, waiting for this one thing to occur. And when it did, the feeling was so exceedingly beyond glorious and ecstasy, beyond any pleasure I have ever known or envisioned, that I find myself hopelessly lost for an adequate explanation. For this hand would reach out and, with its thumb, stroke my head. And my mind and my body would instantly become immobilized, stunned by such an overwhelming, titillating experience of numbness.

And I confess I have never in my life known of anything approaching this level of serenity and pleasurable comfort, for it was sunlight to my spirit and music to my soul. And I continued to be visited with this vision during this period.

And the following year, which was the seventh year of my being, I moved a great distance. Traveling nearly three thousand miles, I settled into a small desert community on the Great Desert, in the southern lands of the western coast.

And when I walked onto my new schoolyard for that first time, I instantly recognized all of the structures and all of the colors and all of the halls. And as I passed through the campus entrance, I turned, and on my right side was the exact place where I had spent so many nightly hours in the company of that curiously wonderful visitor.

And when I attained the age of eighteen, I became a soldier. The quality of my personality and character had degenerated considerably by this time, for my life is an encyclopedia of error. Whenever my name was registered upon tin plates, likewise I had them inscribe that I had no religious convictions, for I was quite hardened against these things by this time.

And so I served for a period slightly exceeding two years of service, including a tour in the Great Asian War. But I have within me, an indomitable spirit. There are certain things that I am completely unable to force myself to do. For better or for worse, I could no longer allow myself to be ordered about like a mindless fool, and so I served notice. The officers of the establishment agreed to consider my request. They, however, stated as a condition, that I agree to consider their position in equal measure for a period of seven days. After that time, we would meet and confer and mutually decide upon resolution.

During the incarceration of that period of those seven days, I found myself quite alone and in the dark, with nowhere to hide and no one to turn to. And so I found, and carried by my side, night and day, a copy of The Holy Bible. I prayed ceaselessly, in the night and in the light of day, for some divine intervention, for some Holy guidance, for I was distraught and anxious, and quite without any help or companionship. And I did not know where else to turn or what to do.

And it was during the third day of my suffering that a viridescent figure, dimly glowing appeared to me. I have no doubt that this was the person, Jesus, the Christ, for he appeared immediately after I had called upon his name, and He remained ever present at my side for the duration of those seven days. It was during the evening of the sixth day, of the eleventh hour before the seventh dawn, and my mind was awash in deep and utter anguish. Should I press ahead with my convictions, knowing full well of myself the impossibility of reconciliation, or should I accept capitulation, and thrust a dagger through the heart of my spirit, swallowing the light as the darkness drowns the day?

In the end, I decided to leave my fate in the hands of my Lord. I held the book in my lap with the covers closed, with a hand on either side, and I bent over and touched my head to the book and I said "Lord, please help me, please let me know what needs to be done." And the book fell open upon my lap. And a light appeared, though I know not its origin, and highlighted only the words of only one sentence on either of the two pages:

Beware of your officers,
for they will toss you into prison
and throw away the keys…  

In the morning I was escorted into a building bustling with uniformed officers of every rank and description, more than twenty in all. And I was called before the ranking officer and the question was repeated: what had I decided? And I looked at the floor as I uttered my concession. And he looked at me with great surprise as he repeated my response. The meeting was adjourned and I was sent to be properly outfitted, so that I might be rejoined with my company.

And the individual that was assigned to myself, to assist with my reparation, confided to me that I had answered correctly. For the officers had convened and conversed amongst themselves that I was to be made an example of. They had dressed in their official attire in order that an immediate court could be established, for they were agreed to seek the maximum punishment for this type of offense, which was four years in their darkest prison.

It was during the occasion of my twenty-first year, on the tenth day of the tenth month in the fourth month of my wedding, that I, once again, found myself petitioning favors from the endless bounty of our Lord’s abundant grace. 

And I silently prayed a great prayer, filled with fiery passion and focused ferventness, that He would bestow upon us the gift of a child, a little girl, to warm our hearts and strengthen our contract by allowing our love to, in this way, become manifest.

And it happened on that very evening, in the exact moment, at the precise instant of conception, that an angel of the Lord spoke to me with the voice of a woman. And she whispered loudly and plainly, in words that were clearly and concisely audible, not into my ears but into a place at the back of my head where I have no ears. And this was her exact message as it was spoken to me: "Your prayer has been answered. Your wife is pregnant. You have a daughter."

And the wonderful truth of this message came to pass, for on the tenth day of the seventh month of the following year, we were given a daughter, with eyes like the stars and a heart that would outshine the sun.

I have given you three stories, when I could have just as easily given three hundred. But I chose these thinking that they would become the easiest for you to discern, and each contains an element of what many would deem miraculous. But I tell you truly, I do not understand you; for I am completely unable to fathom anything as being less than miraculous.

There is no evil power. There is only one power, and His name is Truth, and His name is Light, and His name is God. That being said, there exists, however, a presence of evil. But to declare him a power is to declare that a mouse might walk into a den and depose of a pride of ten thousand raging young lions. There is only one power, and His name is Trust and His name is Love, and His name is God.

I am ashamed to say that I am able to verify this assertion concerning the presence of evil, for I have been visited by one of his couriers. I refuse to grant him the flattery of recognition, for I could describe him in great detail. Suffice it to say, that those who have wronged great wrongs, and have repeated their mistakes in the wretched darkness of their own doing; who have flirted with death and disaster and scorned life as if it were poison; who have been rescued time and again but have refused to listen, some of these have seen him. And they know the courier of whom I speak, and his description is branded into their minds. For he was sent to them as a final warning. It is a message not to be ignored: turn away from your folly and trespass no more.

As for the ways of the Prince of Darkness, I have no concern; do the vulture and the worm feast upon Living flesh?

Which is better, to spurn the Lord’s affection, or to scorn the affection of the Lord? For I tell you truly, there are many outside of the church that are more righteous than those within. The music of the band is harmonious because every man plays different notes upon different instruments. 

No man can tell you who God is. You who are careless or disenchanted, learn to listen to the wind. Walk along the path beside the turtle and the toad, and discover the secrets hidden in the trees. For the one God is the same God, and Lord over all.

And you procrastinating hypocrites, you would do better to gnaw off your foot or get away from the church, for you are an embarrassment to the Lord and a curse to the truth.

I am not God. Therefore I am unable to relate to you anything of that which was past; and in particular, that which is called by name, The Creation. I am not a prophet; I am unable to counsel you on any matter concerning the future of the world; and in particular, that which is called by name, The Revelation. Neither can I truthfully say that I am able to develop any interest, care or concern in these matters; for what measure of care would be required in order to reconstruct that which has passed? And what amount of concern should be displayed, before the destiny of the world is altered? Should it be that the sparrows that scratch in the sand and swim in the sun, that even these should be wiser than I?

But there is this one thing I can tell you for certain: there is a place in the Kingdom of God which is called the City of Heaven. On three occasions, I have heard the noisy din of joyous celebration pouring forth from the mouths of her inhabitants. And when I have contemplated on the nature of this Kingdom, I have been completely overwhelmed by a powerful force generating calmness, so great, that even delirious laughter seems more befitting of a funeral.

I have seen lightning crackle across a clear evening sky crowded with stars, in clusters brilliantly silver and gold, joined to a vine like bunches of grapes, stretching from one end of the earth to the other. I have looked into the eye of the evening sunset, and seen the entire sky shatter into pieces of earth, brown and curled, like a dry riverbed.

All of these were signs, given to me because I asked to be certain, beyond any doubt, that what I think I knew is known, what I imagine I hear is heard, what I believe I feel, is felt, what I consider to be true is truth.

I am not a preacher, no, not even an evangelist. I have ended my long train of silence for only one reason: because the world has become an epidemic, besieged by the poisonous deeds and words of foolish, fraudulent liars. For I well know what it is that they know, and I know well, that which they don’t know. 
Those who follow these liars shall awaken in the morning to the drowning of the sea.

No one, nothing is beyond the Lord’s powerful compassion and mercy: 

Knock at the door, and your prayers will be heard.
Knock, with a patient heart and a trusting spirit.
Chain yourself to the porch and beat with a hammer.
Knock, when your arms are too tired, and the street is too cold, and the night is too dark.
For only God can bring forth bright and shiny new life, from even the foulest, rotten, trampled fruit.

I have finished the writing of the letter of the epistemic confirmation
of the Son of God, the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is also called the letter
of truth, because it contains recordings issued by the Spirit of truth,
which is also known as the Spirit of knowledge, who is called Wisdom.
May it add to your understanding and to the enrichment of your life.

 Lee Gosset
4217 NW 45th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

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