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Petition to Alter Paragraphs 824 and 825
Apportioning Bishop's Salary and Budget

I, Joe Florence, petition the 2000 General Conference, meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, May 2-12, 2000, to alter paragraphs 824 and 825 by adding the phrases in bold to the 1996 Book of Discipline, making the paragraphs read:

Paragraph 824. The council shall recommend to each quadrennial session of the General Conference for its action and determination: (1) the amounts to be fixed as salaries of the effective bishops or a formula by which the council shall fix the salaries; (2) a schedule of such amounts as may be judged adequate to provide for their office expense; (3) provision for an annual operating budget for the Council of Bishops, including the office of the secretary of the Council of Bishops; (4) guidelines governing the payment of bishops' travel expenses, including all travel authorized by the Council of Bishops: (5) the minimum amounts to be fixed as annual pensions for the support of retired bishops and/or the method by which their annual pensions shall be determined; and (6) provisions for allowance for the surviving spouses and for the support of minor children of deceased bishops. From the facts in hand, the council shall estimate the approximate total amount required annually during the ensuing quadrennium to provide for the items of episcopal support mentioned above and shall report the same to the General Conference. This amount as finally determined shall be the estimated episcopal budget. The council shall then determine the amounts of 1 and 2 above, salaries and office expenses for effective bishops, for each jurisdiction in the United States. These amounts shall be the estimated jurisdictional episcopal budgets. The estimated episcopal budget less the total of all the estimated jurisdictional episcopal budgets shall be the remaining estimated episcopal budget. The administration of the Episcopal Fund budget as determined by the General Conference shall be under the direction and authority of the General Council on Finance and Administration, including annual fiscal statements and audits. Nothing in this paragraph shall preclude the annual conference or conferences of an episcopal area from including in their budgets amounts for an area expense fund.

Paragraph 825. Each jurisdictional episcopal budget shall be distributed to each respective jurisdiction. This shall be called the Jurisdictional Episcopal Fund. Each jurisdiction shall distribute the Jurisdictional Episcopal Fund to each annual conference within the jurisdictional as it determines. This apportionment shall be distributed to the pastoral charges as the annual conference may determine. The council shall estimate what percentage of the total salaries paid pastors and associate pastors by the entire church will yield an amount equal to the remaining estimated episcopal budget and shall make recommendations to the General Conference concerning the same for its action and determination. When such percentage has been approved by the General Conference, it shall be the basis of the annual apportionment to each annual conference for the Episcopal Fund. The apportionment to each annual conference shall be an amount equal to the approved percentage of the total cash salaries paid to the pastors and associate pastors serving charges under episcopal appointment or as local pastors in the most recent complete year as reported to the annual conference. This apportionment shall be distributed to the pastoral charges as the conference may determine. In every case, the amount apportioned to a charge for the Jurisdictional Episcopal Fund and the Episcopal Fund shall be paid in the same proportion as the charge pays its pastor.

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