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Reassessing the Cloning Thing

by Tom Graffagnino

Now that the cloning issue can be more clearly viewed in juxtaposition with the tragedy of 9-11 and our consequent "new war" against terrorism, I have begun to see the logic and merit of going ahead with the human cloning experiment.

Since the impetus behind cloning is, . . . and always has been, . . . a benevolent one (i.e. creating human life to save other human life), and since the "new war" against terrorism appears to be a never-ending, open-ended operation, why don't we simply create a special sub-class of human:  an Army of Cloned Combatants?

Cloned Soldiers could be taken from the very best physical specimens among us, and they could certainly be genetically altered to be top-notch marksmen, battlefield-skilled and espionage-savvy in the very best sense.  Just think of the lives (the "real" lives) that could be, in the long run, saved!  Battles would surely be shorter, and no "regularly created folks" need ever again fret over problems of battle fatigue and stress, loss of limb, and/or (of course) the death of "loved ones". Think of the medical bills and spiraling, out-of-control medical costs that could be alleviated . . . even eliminated! Our children and grandchildren would no longer have to worry about whether or not they will be able to afford health care in their "golden years."  Perhaps, someday with the proper education, good stewardship and management of human resources, even poverty itself could be eradicated!

If we can, . . . in principle . . . justify artificially creating human life (stem-cell, organ-farm body-parts, etc.) to save the lives of others, what really is the difference in creating a cloned, advanced fighting/combat "System of Organs" to save the lives of our true and beloved offspring from the horrors of war and man's inhumanity to man?

I say, let's go for it!

One little step at a time, of course, so that we can "get used" to the idea of this type of altered ethical thinking . . . but let's get the ball rolling! Time's a-wastin'!  In the long run, I'm sure, this will all pan out beautifully.  There may be some morally awkward bumps and glitches along the way. . . But, . . . Hey!  There always ARE on the path of scientific advancement toward improvement, immortality and utopia!   Our great-grandchildren, I'm sure, will thank us for our foresight and vision as we proceed.  As I said, there may be a few of those "traditional moral values" that we will need to "re-imagine"  and "tweak" in a fresh light (nothing new for us there!), . . . but in the long run, if we are going to find REAL solutions . . . FINAL Solutions . . . to some of our most uncomfortable problems (aging, sickness, mental disorder, anti-social behavior, battlefield trauma, and death, etc.), we may as well get started. . . .If we "drag our feet" on this important spiritual and evolutionary step, our children's children will continue to suffer the heartache and miseries of life without hope or meaning in a world of pain. They will one day look up at us with tear-filled eyes, point their tiny little fingers directly at us and say:

"WHY? . . . Why didn't you care!?"

How can we disappoint the children?

How can we justify keeping Mother Nature waiting any longer?



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