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"Silence of the Lambs"

"How dare we prognosticate upon what made life worth while for this or that child? How many lambs of God may not have been carried away in buckets of hospital waste?" --Malcomb Muggeridge

"When a mother can kill her own child, what is left for the west to save?"--Mother Teresa


"Silence of the Lambs"

The F.D.A.
Has had its say.
For God we have no fear.
We're SELF-fulfilled,
Our conscience stilled.
The Killer Pill is here!

Watch N.O.W. they plug
This wonder drug,
Without guilt, shame or blush.
Now there's no doubt,
New life's snuffed out....
With a swallow and a flush.

Yes, N.O.W. will fight
For "womyn's rights"...
And those opposed?... Just whiney.
N.O.W.'s toe to toe
For "Choice", you know....
(Unless the "chooser's" tiny.)

"New-Eze Abort"
Is quite the sport...
In free-fall moral slide...
All guilt relieved,
The ill-conceived,
Meet the new child pesticide.

This way, you see,
There's privacy.
No guilt. No public shame.
It's death with "taste".
Just toxic waste,
Disappearing down the drain.

It's the people's choice...
A swelling voice,
For "E-Z Tot Removal".
Where babies flow,
Ex Utero,
And stamped:
"Al's Gore Approval"

One little pill,
A tiny kill,
"The Choice" now made with ease.
No need to fret,
No one's upset....
(Except the casualties.)

With Roe v. Wade,
Our bed was made.
This "law"?....Satanic Sham.
But you can hear,
The devil's sneer....
The Silence of the Lambs.


Dear Lord above,
You proved Your love.
Please right our wrong direction.
RU-4 this!?
Help us dismiss,
This immaculate deception.


"It was the abortion movement, more than anything else, that brought me to movement revulsiveness. The climbing abortion statistics made me movement weary, movement demoralized. I now suspect that a fair amount of my own idealistic history of political action was ill-conceived by self-deception romanticisms, in search of power in the form of prestige, that were from the beginning willing to destroy human traditions in the name of humanity, and at the end willing to extinguish the futures of countless unborn children in the name of individual autonomy." --Thomas Oden

"God asked a rhetorical question in Scripture: 'Can a mother forsake the fruit of her womb? Even if she could, I could not forsake you, says the Lord your God.'

"The rhetorical question was meant to put forth an unthinkable absurdity. Yet millions of mothers today perform that unthinkable absurdity, and many more, mostly men, think approvingly of that unthinkable work of Moloch." -Peter Kreeft

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