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When Sexual Depravity Controls The Weight of The Court and Society:
(Or When Two Ounces of Hormones Out Weigh Two Pounds of Brains)

by Wayne Mayfield

I think we are about in the puking stage of social stupidity. No, I think we are worse than that - we are up to our necks in human stench (doo-doo). How we are purporting ourselves as an advanced society beyond the social orders of the past while being on the verge of proving we can be more sickly, perversely, and diabolically insane than any culture past is beyond any true intellectually moral comprehension. When a social order claims its fame in free sexual exploitation at the expense of the weak and easy prey of children as a final solution of accomplishment, it is no longer a social order - it is disorderly at the highest extreme. To even propose such as a valid consideration proves exactly why the nations of the world consider us a moral failure.

"The OíRiely Report" brought to us a startling report that the ACLU supports child pornography (even virtual, video), supports an organization called North American Man Boy Love Association that wants young boys to have the adult decision making right to have free will sexual contact, and all this, according to Bill Moyer, is like the ACLU wanting to restructure the world to making parental authority bow to a childís whims or subjective to their children being solicited by pedophiles without the right of parents to intervene. So much for the legal profession and the dribble of the courts.

In "Christianity Today Magazine," through an article titled "Abolishing Abstinence," I discovered that this is not a single prong thrust in the law group, for a law maker, U.S. Representative Barbara Lee is quoted as saying abstinence is inhumane for any one to abide by. The American Association of Pediatricians also reportedly said that underage sex was not a problem or even an issue (no qualifier as to age) just getting pregnant. And certain abortion rights groups, especially N.A.R.L., suggests anal sex as a perfect solution to children and sex. No thought as to whether it is by rape, suggestive force, or against parental right to protect their children from issues reserved only for adults.

Just as startling to me was PBS host Bonnie Erbe mocking abstinence as a viable solution to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and everyone should know condoms are the world solution to such problems. When she said this it was even more shockingly applied to third world countries where the majority of sexual transmitted diseases are the direct result of rape, predominantly concerning children. It was as though the rape is secondary to the diseases in importance concerning the children or any population as a whole. Perhaps she would submit to rape if the attacker uses a condom? Fat chance!

Schools are now permitted (and encouraged) to teach same sex partnerships as a productive lifestyle. They teach in health science classes that animalistic sexual desire is normal to be satisfied because nature itself canít stop it with non reasoning creatures. Problem is, do we really want to be degraded to non reasoning animals? (This would make any addiction acceptable.) In these same classes they teach how to properly use condoms, which any reasoning human with half a brain knows they are teaching the how to that teaches not just how to with condoms. And the size of the words or the scientific application doesnít really cloud what children understand.

Yet, to the child mind, what they first know is some adult of authority has given them a way to do something by subversion and with subtle implication and determined for the child this behavior is ok for them now. A child of twelve can not imagine the true meaning or value of a thousand dollars, let alone a sex issue. Hitler did this kind of thing very well with children in his recruiting of school age children. Killing Jews, or turning in someone who was not for Hitler was ok in the same way we are allowing sex to violate the innocence of our children today.

Adults who condone or support this kind of reasoning are themselves sexually misguided. Did these same people engage secretly in these activities and now are seeking justification in trying to "change the moral standard" of America? I have read recently that statutory rape is going to be a law cast down in light of these issues and free sex with children, like in Greece and Rome in times past, had rampant in their social current of events.

In an article published on www.UCMPage.com that I submitted, "Mores of Social Breakdown and Moral Declivity," I addressed the very issue of such a decline and the rhetoric that is so very outdated from the Grecian mindset that led the nation to a fall. Yet, this very form of rhetoric has had a resurgence in the name of science and cultural rights. If we are going to submit children to the sick sexual hunger and justifications of adults, let those who do so be bold enough, honest enough, to admit that children are but a manipulation to adult situational ethics, not adult moral responsibility. To do so would make animals of humans instead of an intellectually viable reasoning life form. Welcome to progress.

So why do we need laws for this? Animals donít seem to need laws to be animals. Nor a legal court to say itís ok! Courts can condone, but that will never excuse responsibility of the individual or make right any wrong. We just are not that big or powerful, especially if we bow to animalistic values and tendencies.

Copyright Protected: Wayne Mayfield, Pastor, Godseed Project, Inc.

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