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Death of Freedom: Impacting Religion
by W. Mayfield

Freedom of Speech

One of the greatest fears we have been skirting in our present society is political assignation of the primary freedoms that were sought by our forefathers who left their prospective countries having the willingness to face death rather than conform to governments that persecuted freedom of thought, speech, and faith. Which, quite frankly, were the grave issues of their time.

These issues greatly influenced our basis and framework of the constitution. In less than two weeks after election, on the Whitehouse webpage, we see an agenda as to how Americans will think and what they will or won’t say. To endorse these Whitehouse mores opposing free speech would have to be punishable crimes against humanity, our nation, and considered verbal terrorism or assassination of Americans. For this to be enforced and needing to separate speech from a national security issue, it would be advantageous to make opposing ideals appear as a hate crime whether speaking against a President or ideals, and this would require the assumption of guilt to do harm without a violent act being committed or attempted. Truth could no longer be fostered, as silence in itself would speak against America, its citizens, and to all democracies. Not only this, who could diplomatically trust any of our efforts.

To endorse any prosecution, the imperfect science of psychology would become the only witness against the individual. This science form has permeated us with drugs that never meet their claim. Every defense lawyer would cry, "Physician, heal thy self." I suppose such laws would fall under the RICO Act [1] thus allowing the government to possess your property for your taking liberty to freely speak. Maybe that would help raise money to pay off the trillions of dollars coming out of congress (sigh). [2]

In the same way, during the dark ages, people were murdered because of money, social standing, or religion. Between inquisitions and torture people could just claim a foul of what one assumed a person meant and never the substance or cause by which it could or should be applied. Marat was able to behead the innocent as easily as he did the aristocracy. All one had to do is accuse.

A President of America telling people they should not listen to commentaries criticizing them rings of this type of undo duress. This call to ignore the opposing view challenging the one they were elected under and those opposition’s speech rights, has impact of trying to convince such Americans who exercise opposing beliefs as immoral idealist seeking to destroy other Americans. The present President and his party has publicly announced political genocide on those with opposing thoughts as enemies of the American ideal claiming to be the only ‘holy’ and sanctioned authority. This makes a President, a person entrusted to protect our constitution, as nothing more than a butcher of constitutional ideals for his political security. Party dominance was never meant to be a bully, and when that party makes claims they are sanctioned to change the rules, no longer is there a forum of democracy. In the same way speaking against certain ideals has been considered anti-American, so too is gang mentality by politics and politicians.

When we see other countries doing this we claim ‘crimes against humanity and decency.’ We condemn the very idea of no free speech and government scrutiny of press and individuals. I guess we can’t be too condemning anymore!

Have you noticed the very ones whom a person of political power silences with such tools is usually the most flagrant user of the freedom? To silence free speech a political party only has to use more of it to silence their adversaries. Mao Si Tung, Hitler, Botha of South Africa, and countless others did these same acts and when they couldn’t control thoughts and speech, locked up or murdered their critics. Men and women of substance and character would never abuse the power to speak as a freedom to be silenced, but instead invite other ideals that are not violent in action as opportunity to engage in a balance of ideals that is the basis of creativity and inspiration and empowers the ideals of the Constitution.

Without this most important dialog of ideas there can be no balance in the growth of this nation. We are only hampered when the greatest respect of free speech becomes political bigotry and hypocritical when one sided. It is a one sided tool for such of the liberal political party and its agenda, at this point, representing a political fear rendering such parties and the ‘good’ of their ideals as as nothing more than empty rhetoric. This reasoning destroyed the Grecian empire, made Rome bow to distrust by most of the empire it ruled, and ultimately its failure. [3]

Success of a nation, of America, sits in the opinions of opposing sides placed on the table of conscience and reason with equity. At present we are told that with diplomacy we will swing the world to even playing fields of reason with our appointed Head of State. [4] Sharing ideas, even opposing ideas, in search of balanced diplomacy is the initiative of America to the world according to our President. Yet, I truly find this may be a flap of words in the wind, for if free ideas and speech are hampered in America and Americans of opposing ideals considered enemies of democracy and held silence because they might do harm with these ideas to a political party standard, our neighbors around the world will consider us bigots at best. Who can trust such a people?

Am I to believe free thought and ideas is what a President who attacks Americans with missiles called words can be any less harmful than the words he seeks to silence?

Once the battle of words becomes weapons demeaning individuals who have committed no crime other than opposition in dialog (speech), a bully congress succeeds in smearing that groups’ commitment to America and its peoples. A President is then at liberty to redefine freedom beyond suggestion to whimsical authority. This is reinventing our 200 years of established freedom and its price with which we possess it. I believe the Supreme Court would find this illegal, immoral, and very un-President like. This creates a one sided right that removing equality from the American annals of time. Our forefathers become merely blind fools who failed in this reasoning. So much for a liberal congress really having honorable respect for the constitution Lincoln died for. And personally, I think we know this is not a good case scenario concerning Lincoln’s true cause.

Lincoln, as I perceive his constitutional belief, was about the difference of homo-sapiens equity, not human preference. It was in this light he was able to abolish slavery, enforce it with action, and not trepedate against the constitution. Liberalistic reasoning puts equity in a service utility of equalities that are not truly equal. Polarized opposites, such as black and white, are equal only in being colors. What they create is not necessarily equal or necessary. For example, to see shape one must have a medium most applicable, but application without a known result such as ‘is it real or an appearance is mystic politics’ Reasoning that creates the appearance of right must abuse freedoms to use them to make ‘it look good,’ though the value for good has been a slight of hand trick for control of the masses.

Language is the conveyer belt of ideas; recreating of ideas by manipulating language is forceful idealism. This alone is propaganda for mass submission. When we change terrorism into a global situation, as the President Obama and his staff have done, we begin to see demoralizing of 9/11 families. We see shame upon American strength and ideals to prevail. Yet, in his address to Americans on the Senate floor, he says we will prevail. If an enemy of my country and its idealism becomes aware of this, what worry should they have attempting to destroy us? [5]

Shell Game Politics

The freedom to speak and choose ones path and plan a future is an American Constitutional principle. One would think free market would be also (as long as the rules of decency are followed). One would think we are guaranteed the opportunity to find fulfillment in life pursuing the career of our choosing and the pursuit of our leisure (non-illegal) which should not be threatened by political maneuvering and control. The threat of this loss comes from within first, and, the implosion that becomes nuclear to our freedoms sits in the lap of the unconstitutional application of power politics.

To play this game one only need to look at the con mans shell game. The shell game requires slight-of-hand and illusion. While you think you saw one thing something else is happening. In the same way what seems constitutionally ok is really the opposite, and while we were diverted in one direction, something else is really happening. A little bit here and a little bit there and suddenly we realize, ‘that’s not the way it was presented,’ nor the America of our founding fathers. "This wasn’t supposed to be like this," we will exclaim.

When there is a potential of dire consequences upon Americans, the rule of thumb is we the people are so focused on our situation we act like horses with blinders. Hence, a bill in congress winds up with 9,000 earmarks that doubles the bill size and dollar amounts but we don’t even know what we have been committed to as Americans. Is this forced debt? Are we suffering a debt that enslaves us? You decide.

Free Enterprise

Sixty-seven percent of American business and employers is small business. The revenue from these Americans and their employees comprises 74% of the tax dollars received by states and the Federal Government. That is a lot of small business enterprise support. As of February 26, 2009, there are 5.5 million people without jobs [6], and there is a closing of about 2% of small business [7]. But with this shrinking business group there is a business levy of tax increase of 5% placed on them. Since this is mostly Middle Class people involved, these enterprises will cut non-profit spending and thus impact the people who are employed in those enterprises. More layoffs and less community help. Ouch!

Free enterprise is dependent on three basic factors; 1) opportunity to succeed, 2) selling the capability, 3) and performance. Opportunity is a constitutional right afforded our citizens. Every American should have that option and corporations should cherish this right. When opportunity can be manipulated by schemes to strip opportunity or make that opportunity a burden not worth bearing, the work force diminishes. So too does the power of money!

Selling the opportunity is to levy, lobby, and advertise ones best interests. Those most successful in doing this are those who use good business practices, make good decisions, and freely share in the practice of inviting others to succeed. Without other companies there is no revenue to support the enterprise because the buying public is held in the chains of economic collapse. No money flow, no reason to barter ones wares due to depression, and a weakened work force leaves us no better off than third world countries trying to claw their way beyond survival.

Performance can’t be known if there is no market place. A government can’t purchase all the goods. Where would the money come from? Performance of production inspired a lot of illegal activities, and when it came to the front page of America, the government cried ‘bailout’ for a select group of opportunist, can’t let them fail since it is a money market control in our economy. At this point it is obvious all we have to do to get listened to is be failures and then our government will help failures, band aid the bleeding Americans, and squeeze the last of their dignity from them with taxes and fewer jobs. Maybe we need to be big losers for real help over the real Americans who have been trying to do what is right.

Lastly, to get money from the people who have tried to protect their assets, just make a bigger IRS force while claiming to shrink government, make filing taxes a long, expensive endeavor, and you won’t spend the money quite as fast and build on the delay for more points of profit from your intake of money from the working class. While you’re at it, just audit hundreds of millions of Americans and find ways for them be portrayed a thieves while you steal their future security placing them in debt from your spending. Yeah, then you can create monetary slavery! A weakened people can’t fight as effectively, right?

Taxes, congressional spending, and political whim is not why we Americans should pay. We should pay because we have enjoyed these freedoms. Seems it all got turned around. We don’t work for politicians, we work for our prosperity and good. Politicians work for us no matter what they think. And this is the liberal precept that was being sought in 1948 at the Symposium of Human Understanding. It was an endeavor to convince us we work for government. This is true liberalism (for the liberty they are seeking is theirs, not yours!).

Condition of the Church; testing the response

To those preachers who live beyond a perceived fear of lack just before rapture, let me remind you, you have but one responsibility as a supposed voice of God; relieve humanity. People are the only stated first cause of God. That alone is supposed to be our prosperity. We are responsible for relief and truth. Remember Paul saying don’t just pray for them, but feed them! And James said if you say you have faith in your abundance, he would show you his by (greater works). If any televangelist who has profited, has much, does not empty their coffers the way Christ emptied himself for you I promise you the kingdom will not be yours because you already had your kingdom!!! (Remember, the rich young man who walked away from being Christ’ disciple and Jesus groaned?)

To the churches who chose to labor against one another, you have violated the most sacred prayer, the one from the mouth of Deity, in John’s Gospel 17th Chapter – a will of unity. Why would the Christ not want us in division? [8] Pay attention, for a wise man wrote, Teach not the wife of your youth your evil lest you (are strangled) die by it. We, in Christianity as a whole, have lost the vision, and as we lost it we invented ways to secure our well being while spending less than 2.5% on helping the world. Wall Street didn’t do any different.

I implore a preparation where we surrender our position and self proclaimed visions of taking from anyone to get what keeps us personally comfortable. We take the kingdom by force has not one thing to do with money! It has to do with how hard it is to enter into the security of God’s grace and keep it. I implore you to prepare you the way of generations with the kingdom principle it is more blessed to give than receive. What do I really mean here? The kingdom is a state of contentment to give all we are for all God is for all He loves, humanity (people).

Without proper fruit or harvest, greed much abounds. We can save the world, push back the terrible day of suffering if we only choose. We can be a real Joseph and feed the world by escaping our prison of comfort. If we do, more can be won for the kingdom that might not make it. We would be most dear to God because like Him, we gave our all.

Think about all this as you pray, and beware being like the Pharisees who for a few dollars more could kill the Christ. We can do this. We were chosen for this time. Know what is going on around you, and beware of something that sounds too good to be true when the world is selling it, it probably is too good to be true!

[1] RICO was an enactment from the CCE (Continuing Criminal Enterprise) which Bobby Kennedy created to fight organized crime. RICO allows hearsay alone to create compelling evidence without any supporting proof. Under RICO credibility of witnesses was the least important component of evidence. To understand this, once a person is classified as Career Criminal (this now includes traffic offences in 39 states) the rules are changed to fit that classification. The hearsay issue creates a catch 22, really. If government can find one person contradicting the person under RICO investigation, or those with supportive testimony, it takes just one witness testifying to the contrary and all the others become conspirators subject to Perjury charges. Whatever the original punishment for the crime will be applied to sentencing without reduction (conspiracy theory). The baseball steroid issue rests only on the assumption of a Perjury conviction, for example.

[2] One of the saddest commentaries about rural communities, or cities in debt, is survival depends on a conscience effort to exploit the intake of municipal court monies to finance their communities. This creates undo pressure on police to target citizens on the smallest issues of the law, or trap the very citizens who pay them to wring additional monies from them to pay the community debt. A good lawyer I know once told me it is illegal to use crime for profit by governments, city or country, under the original intent of the constitution. For this reason the originators of our constitution eliminated debtor’s prison as a solution to basic non-criminal debts (hence five traffic tickets in a life time can constitute career criminal status). We are dangerously close to actually seeing social ostentation becoming the prison that replaces stone walls. This could well penetrate into financial deprivation for people deemed socially unfit.

[3] When polled after the stimulus bill was passed, the majority of Americans (of different party preferences) did not trust congress as doing a good job, found no credible reason to have confidence other than dire hope. They were right, and the polls are waning against the political position of the congress. For the first time I can remember, Americans are afraid of congress and their actions, and no longer believe the American ideal of the Constitution will survive.

An added note, on February 28, 2008, the president implied that businesses who lobby their cause in an economic calamity are wrong not only in doing so, but whoever wants to work with some of their ideas must be an enemy of the American ideal. It seems only failing businesses are able to advise such a President on how to do the job!

[4] Mrs. Clinton, when in China, let them know we would tone down humanitarian criticisms for the price of economic exchange. Brutality and cruelty can buy survival, it seems. So, what happens, Iran decides it will build a reactor and maybe we will let them pay us for our destruction. At least we die financially secure with our tokens of our fine life!

[5] Not only this, but missiles that could come from North Korea will be able to reach us because the ‘cold war weapons of the past’ are going to be dismantled. No more missile anti-missiles to stop an attack. I don’t feel very comforted by this in the least.

[6] This footnote is two-fold. First concerns the number of unemployed by this time next year. Since not one economist really believes the economy could recover enough to slow unemployment, we will possibly be facing 11 to 12 million unemployed. In the middle of this will be the biggest retail decline during the peak retail market of Thanksgiving to mid-January. This could collapse retail employees and businesses across the board and deeply impact manufacturing thus creating even more job loss. This could raise the number to 15 million by this time 2010.

Secondly, if this causes other countries we do business with to call in our debts in a swift manner, we could be like China with a large population and a small pocket book. Politically, diplomatically, and socially we will be a byword in prosperity. As of the time of this writing there is a budget that will be a 1.7 trillion deficit. Put that with 1.5 trillion in the stimulus bill congress first approved, and the bank bailouts, and the car company bailouts, maybe by the end of a twelve month period that would be around another trillion. So 4.2 trillion of new debts and back that up with less revenue money from taxes, what does that add up to? Not a year I’m looking forward to!

[7] The low end of this figure for the next year of small businesses closing their doors would be one out of every seven, or up to 9-12 %. Other more explicit accountings waiver to a higher figure because with the number of houses foreclosed used by small business enterprises for credit power, it could reach 16%.

[8] I’m not saying we unify with rebellious-cultic groups or with political and social groups seeking acceptance by choosing the easier (lustful) softer way. What I am saying, if you find a doer of good for the gospels sake, you had better get in the action whether it is Baptist, Pentecostal, or any other Christian group putting the rubber to the road for the sake of good to others! Anything less than this and you are proclaiming Christ a liar.

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