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January 2, 2003

The Institute on Religion and Democracy, in association with, is now offering select books by staff, board members, and friends for sale online.  Purchase any of the books listed below by clicking on the book title.  Prices for these books are 10 to 30 percent off the list price.  IRD will receive 15 percent of the sale price.

Confessing the Faith


New! Confessing the Faith: Reclaiming Historic Faith and Teaching in the 21st Century - Craig M. Kibler, Editor
A collection of addresses from the October 2002 "Confessing the Faith" conference sponsored by IRD and the Association for Church Renewal, including Diane Knippers address to conference.



New! Orthodoxy: The Annotated Edition - G. K. Chesterton; Craig M. Kibler, Editor
(Kibler is the Director of Publications for the Presbyterian Lay Committee)



Cry of Need


New! A Cry of Need and Joy: Volume One - Richard E. Burnett, Editor



Standing Firm


New! Standing Firm: Reclaiming Christian Faith in Times of Controversy - Parker T. Williamson
(Parker Williamson is Executive Editor of Presbyterian Layman)


Signs of Intelligence

Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design - William Dembski and James Kushiner, Editors
(Kushiner is editor of Touchstone Magazine and a member of the IRD advisory board)


Creed and Culture: A Touchstone Reader - James Kushiner, Editor