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Renewal Links

United Methodist Renewal

The Godseed Project has been providing relief and support for the most needy of Godís children for over 10 years. Godseed has provided homes for the homeless and food for the hungry. Those without a voice have an advocate for their body and a lifeline for their soul.

Now, for the first time, the dynamic understanding of Godseedís founder is brought to you. Faith without works is dead... Its time to get out and work.Pastor Wayne shares from his personal experience and spiritual insight with the hope that you will grow in Christ.

Every Sphere

Extending the Kingdom of God into Every Sphere of Life
By Making Faithful Disciples for Every Sphere of Life

Because Jesus Christ is Lord Over Every Sphere of Life

The Wesleyan


Baxter is Back!


Stand Firm

The Baxter Institute (old site)

  • for the Reformation of Biblical Christianity, 

  • the Promotion of Great Ideas,

  • the Cultivation of Christian Character,

  • and the Defense of the Christian Worldview

Reform The United Methodist Women

A Brief Recounting of Questionable Actions


getting back to basics ...

An Email Encounter With John Wesley
&Other Wesleyan Resources

Email Archive (Daily Essays)

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Prayer Point Ministries

The mission of Renewal Ministries is to target the Great Commission in prayer so that by praying the price, we might win this generation to Christ.

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is a project of A Foundation for Theological Education (AFTE)

  • to alert seminarians to significant resources within the classical Christian tradition;
  • to highlight evangelical perspectives on Christian faith and practice;
  • to stimulate serious consideration of classical Christianity; and
  • to encourage a seminary experience fully within the Wesleyan tradition of uniting the two so long divided, knowledge and vital piety

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The Order of Saint Michael the Archangel: Fellowship for United Methodist Apologists–O.S.M.A.

Justice and Respect: Conservative Christians for a Just and Respectful Response to those who experience same-sex attraction

Reformation Today
Resources for the Reformation and Revival of the United Methodist Church and Beyond

United Methodist Action defends traditional Christian beliefs and practices in the spirit of the father of Methodism, John Wesley.

Renew Women's Network

The Confessing Movement

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Confessing Associations

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We Will

Confessing Movement-Great Britain
Wesleyan Evangelical Methodists of North Georgia Circuit Rider's Range
(Caution! Your senses maybe assaulted at first by the effects, but it is worth the journey "through the ranges.")
The American Night Watch Godnet Ministries
The Association for Church Renewal OrthoVox - Ben Sharpe's Editorial Page
Confess Jesus Youth Confessing Movement! Methodist Christians

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Ed Robb Evangelistic Association

muprayer_page.gif (4250 bytes)Light the Fire Again

Good News Movement-Renewal within the UMC

The Mission Society For United Methodists

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Wesley Putnam Ministries - Evangelist

Aldersgate Renewal Movement within the UMC

Lifewatch - T.U.M.A.S.

Transforming Congregations

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Concerned Methodists

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Thunderstruck home page

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Evangelical Renewal Fellowship

Unofficial Confessing Movement

Promise Keepers

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Evangelical Members within the Uniting Church

The Biblical Witness Fellowship (BWF) is a Confessing Movement within the United Church of Christ

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (ACE) is a Confessing Movement within the Calvinist Tradition

Other Links of Interest and Concern

Modern day "child sacrifice"
May we see abortion for what it is
and put an end to this slaughter

Baby Parts for Sale!
Ever wonder what abortion clinics do with the aborted babies?
Ever wonder how the clinics make extra money?
Ever wonder why pro-abortionists insist on keeping
the Partial-birth abortion procedure legal?...Fetal Harvesting

fri.jpg (4332 bytes)Family Research Institute Pamphlets On Homosexuality

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abortiontv.gif (3848 bytes)The Internet's #1 abortion information source.  Includes everything schools, government, and abortion clinics are afraid to tell or show you.

Ex-Gay Resources

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