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All Hell Broke Loose at New England Conference

From: Doug Mays
To: John Warrener
Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2000 2:52 PM
Subject: All Hell Broke Loose at New England Conference

Troubling News

I regret to inform all of you that the New England Annual Conference, meeting June 1-4, degenerated into a general pandemonium yesterday, according to the Lay Member from the Naples UMC, one of the two congregations I'm serving.

By her estimate, 40-50 pastors responded to the report from the General Conference delegation by standing en masse and shouting various statements that they didn't care about the "unjust" actions of the General Conference, they planned to do "holy unions" for people living together in "holy covenants" regardless of their genders or the bigotry that exists against them. [see THE NEW ENGLAND DECLARATION]

After some minutes of this disruption, one of the black pastors, The Rev. Fitz John got to an open microphone and asked Bishop Hassinger,  "Bishop, this appears to me to be a blatant violation of the Discipline - what do you intend to do about it?" and "Are you going to take any action against them?"  Her answer was, [paraphrased] "I do not intend to press charges against anyone for declaring that they may act a certain way in a hypothetical situation, but I intend to uphold the Discipline, as I understand it."

Did we really think this was going to go away just because of the General Conference votes?

Is it time somebody stood up on the floor of our annual conference and used the "A-" word?   You know, as in, "Why must we keep paying apportionments into a system controlled by people that will continue to thumb their noses at the will of the people, let alone the will of God?"

Pardon me... I'm just thoroughly disgusted.  If I am, I can only imagine what Heaven is feeling.



June 2, 2000

As Christians we are called to embody God's love in the world. As United Methodist Christians, we are united in our faith in God, our love of Christ and our commitment to seek and do God's will as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Even though there is much that binds us together, there is a current reality that cannot go unnamed if justice is to be done and healing is to happen. We have watched for the past two decades as General Conference actions have added increasingly condemnatory and exclusionary language to the Book of Discipline concerning the full participation of gay and lesbian persons in our denomination.

The church is deeply divided on issues related to God's gift of sexual orientation, and any pretense that we are of one mind only serves to deepen the estrangement and isolation of those who are excluded, and imposes premature closure upon the church's search to faithfully discern the will of God.

Called to embody Christ and extend God's welcoming love to all, we the undersigned clergy and lay persons of the New England Annual Conference make the following affirmations:

WE AFFIRM human sexuality and understand homosexuality, heterosexuality and bi-sexuality to be good gifts of God. We believe that the current statement in the United Methodist Book of Discipline that "homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching" is:

  • not reflective of the historic Wesleyan unwillingness to limit prerogatives

    which belong solely to God, and

  • is representative of only one Biblical/theological perspective.

We commit to proclaim that homosexuality (no less or more than heterosexuality) is compatible with Christian teaching.

As clergy we will preach this from our pulpits and expose our parishioners to the fullness of the Scriptural witness on related matters in our Bible studies.

As lay people we will teach it in our Sunday School classes and tell it to our children.

WE AFFIRM that loving, monogamous, intimate relationships between persons of the same or opposite gender, are an expression of God's love.

As pastors we will affirm relationships of persons who come to us (whether of same or opposite gender) who seek the affirmation of the church community on relationships which bear the signs of God's love. We will also enable all couples to celebrate rites of


union, regardless of gender. We affirm the willingness of retired colleagues and others in the New England Conference to assist in this important pastoral responsibility. We further affirm the historic charge of United Methodist clergy to be in ministry according to their best discernment among the people entrusted to their care.

As lay people we will offer support to same-gender couples and their families in our midst as fully and wholeheartedly as we support opposite gender couples and their families. We will support the use of our buildings for celebrations of persons covenanting to love one another as life-partners.

WE AFFIRM that persons of all sexual orientations are equally called to ordained ministry.

As clergy we will affirm God's call to ordained ministry as experienced by candidates for ministry regardless of a person's sexual orientation and welcome them into the clergy covenant.

As lay persons we will similarly affirm that call and we will offer ourselves fully in mutual ministry with pastors of our churches regardless of that person's sexual orientation.

As those who serve a God who sees the affliction of the oppressed, who hears their cry, who knows their sorrows, and who comes to deliver them, we have no other option than to attach our names to this Declaration. To do otherwise would be to deny the witness of the scriptures and to turn our back on our United Methodist heritage.

Mary Ann Haxton, Bob Moore, Robert Sweet Jr., Richard Harding, Linda Campbell- Marshall, Evan Johnson, J. Ronald Boucher, Ronald Stearns, Gary MacDonald, David H. Baird, Russell Pregeant, Pat MacHugh, Samuel M. Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Richard Cullen, Richard Olmstead, Ellis Johnson, Elizabeth Gary,  Betsy Aldrich Garland, William Flug, Ruth Cannon, Cynthia Good, Donna Faria, Suzanne Barton, Ellen Casey, Allan Anderson, Sharon McGilvery, Donella Siktberg, Wayne Underhill, Lynn McCracken, Willard Robinson, Donald Williams, Susan Morrison, Jeanette Streeter, Gary Nettleton, Ken Krentiziger, Ted Lockhart, Nancy R. Smith, Robert W. Hannum, Karen Peters, Robert O. Stuart, Judith A. Gould, Jane Lawrence, Elizabeth H. Schrader, Yoo-Yun Cho-Chang, Shirley Thatcher, Julie Todd, Judith Jenkins Kohatsu, Kathy Porteus, Phyllis MacDonald, Sydney Pierce, Paul Deats, Charles Hartman, Scott Campbell, Anona Hartman


Sorry . . . but it REALLY happened !

NOTICE the mis-quote from the Discipline --->  actual truth is that 65G states: "We do not condone the practice of homosexuality and consider this practice incompatible with Christian teaching" 

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