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Complaint Against Arkansas Bishop Moves Forward In Evangelical Pastor vs. Pedophile Boy Scout Leader Tangle

From: Michael D. Hinton mdhinton@mindspring.com
To: John Warrener jwarrene@surfsouth.com
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 9:02 PM
Subject: More News for Accountability Watch


Please, post this report, that Bishop Oden has decided to process the complaint I filed against Bishop Huie.

His original response was that he would "hold" the complaint until my case was resolved.

I replied that even though I may lose my credentials, still the complaint should move forward. I pointed out that laymen may file complaints.

He said a joint committee of the Jurisdictional Committee on the Episcopacy and the College of Bishops will deal with my complaint.

Michael D. Hinton

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