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Committee "Rush" To Dismiss Arkansas Pastor For Exposing Pedophile Scout Leader May Be Reconsidered

From: Michael D. Hinton mdhinton@mindspring.com
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 7:16 AM 
To: John Warrener
Subject: Board to Re-hear Case


The Chairwoman of the North Arkansas Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, Deidre Roberts, informed me recently that the Board has petitioned Bishop Huie of the Arkansas Area for the privilege of re-hearing the complaint filed against me by Max Whitfield, former Superintendent of the Fayetteville District. Deidre said, "almost immediately .. within days" of the August 8 hearing, members of the Board called her, expressing discomfort with the recommendation that the case be forwarded to the Committee on Investigation, leading to a possible trial. Citing feelings of being "rushed" and "lacking details," members of the Board met by conference call to vote on the matter. A new hearing is tentatively scheduled for early January.

Hopefully, a meeting with Bishop Huie within the same timeframe will resolve other matters pending.

Yours in Christ,

Michael D. Hinton, M.Div.

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