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Complaints Against Arkansas Pastor Reconsidered, Pastor's Complaints Against Bishop To Be Considered

From: Michael D. Hinton mdhinton@mindspring.com
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2000 9:26 AM 
To: John Warrener 


It seems that we may be moving toward accountability in the South Central Jurisdiction and North Arkansas Conference.

I have dates for a re-hearing of the complaint against me and meetings to address my complaints against Bishop Huie and Jan Edwards, my former Superintendent -- January 10-11. Bishop Oden will be there, along with members of the Jurisdictional Committee on the Episcopacy.

There has been no mention from Arkansas concerning the complaints I brought against lay persons at my former Charge, including the perpetrator.

I doubt that I will budge on any complaint I've filed until the abuses against me are ameliorated. It really matters who starts the fight. Yet, I have hope that we may accomplish "a just resolution and/or reconciliation among all parties."

Yours in Christ,

Michael D. Hinton, M.Div.


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