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Conservative Bishops Respond To Ordination Of Homosexual Bishop

Statement of Conservative Bishops upon the Confirmation of Gene Robinson

About 20 bishops stood in front of the House of Deputies on Aug. 5 and read this statement following the announcement of results of voting on Canon Robinson.

The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan, Bishop of Pittsburgh, read the statement:

The bishops who stand before you are filled with sorrow. This body, in
willfully confirming the election of a person sexually active outside
of holy matrimony, has departed from the historic faith and order of
the Church of Jesus Christ. This body has denied the plain teaching of
Scripture and the moral consensus of the Church throughout the ages.
This body has divided itself from millions of Anglican Christians
around the world, brothers and sisters who have pleaded with us to
maintain the Church's traditional teaching on marriage and sexuality.

With grief too deep for words, the bishops who stand before you must
reject this action of the 74th General Convention of the Episcopal
Church. As faithful Episcopalians and members of this house, we are
calling upon primates of the Anglican Communion, under the presidency
of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and in accordance with Lambeth
Resolution III.6(b) to intervene in the pastoral emergency that has
overtaken us. Most Reverend sir [looking to Presiding Bishop Griswold],
we must go to take counsel with our people and minister to them. May
God have mercy on his church.



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