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Episcopalians In California Compelled to Elect Another Gay Bishop

    California Episcopalians will consider electing the world's second homosexual Episcopal bishop this weekend at their convention in San Francisco.
    In what's been called the "Saturday showdown" by local newspapers, seven candidates are vying for a spot being vacated after 25 years by Bishop William Swing -- and three are homosexual.
    However, conservative Canon Bill Atwood of the Ekklesia Society, an Episcopal aid network based in Carrollton, Texas, predicts that the Californians will "totally ignore the consequences" of their actions.
    "I don't think there's any question they'll be compelled to elect a partnered gay," Mr. Atwood said. "I think they've got a mistaken understanding of issues of justice. Huge portions of the Episcopal Church are theologically adrift.
    "I'm not saying there isn't religion, but it's not the historic Christian faith."

Source:  California Episcopalians consider gay bishop
By Julia Duin
May 4, 2006

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