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Bishop, UM's Will Continue To Exodus Because Of Lack Of Discipline

From: Charles East ceast99@earthlink.net
To: ijarratt@methodists.net
Sent: March 17, 2001 11:36:51 PM GMT 
Subject: Attention: Bishop Alfred Norris

Dear Bishop Norris:

The recent November/December issue of Christian Social Action included several articles affirming the practice of homosexuality. I find it incredible that the GCFA Review Team, of which you are a member, decided that the magazine was not promoting homosexuality.

How long is the institutional church going to continue placing more importance on inclusiveness than integrity? At virtually every turn, those who promote the homosexual agenda are given a free pass by the church. Jim Winkler should never have been nominated and approved to head the GBCS. However, the Council of Ministries gave him a free pass and rubber stamped his selection. Rev Dan Sailer, a homosexual who perjured himself in court, was given a free pass by Bishop Galvan and 12 pastors in the Seattle Area. Sailer is back in the pulpit without so much as a slap on the wrists. Rev Mark Kemling was given a free pass by the Nebraska Conference Committee after he performed a homosexual wedding. These are but a few of a long list of equally outrageous failures of the UMC to stand up to the strident homosexual agenda. The Boy Scouts of America have addressed the homosexual issue with more mature judgment and far greater moral backbone than the Methodist Church.

If the leaders of the UMC continue to abdicate their responsibility to uphold scripture and refuse to invoke the official position of the church, the UMC will continue to lose over 1,000 members every week.


Charles R. East Houston, Texas


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