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To GBCS President: IRD Criticism Of Misguided Leftist Religious Bureaucrats Is Not Cause Of Church Division

From: Charles East <ceast99@earthlink.net
To: wvareaumc@aol.com 
Sent: March 31, 2001 4:52:47 AM GMT 
Subject: Attention: Bishop S. Clifton Ives

Dear Bishop Ives:

As President of the Board of Church and Society, you and Jim Winkler have an exceptional opportunity to atone for the far left of center positions consistently taken by the GBCS during the administration of Thom White Wolf Fasset. Unfortunately, your agency seems predisposed to continue down the same path.

While you affirm inclusiveness, you do not welcome divergent opinion. It was recently reported that you told GBCS board members that their responsibility was to the board and not to any other constituencies. Are you seriously suggesting that these people render more loyalty to your board than to their Conference and local church? I don't think you will make this sale---particularly to the conservative board members who undoubtedly find this intimidating tactic offensive.

You have criticized the Institute of Religion and Democracy claiming that it has been attacking main line denominations since 1981. A more accurate appraisal is that the IRD has been critical of misguided religious bureaucrats who adhere to leftist agendas that do not reflect the majority opinion of the church members they are supposed to represent. Instead, many agencies of the institutional church have pursued their own agendas with little or no accountability to the church-at-large.

In effect, those of your stripe have created the need for watchdog organizations like the Institute for Religion and Democracy. You are the ones who "inflame and divide" the church. Mark Tooley speaks for those of us who want responsible church leaders who uphold the scriptures and the official position of the Church.

You have asserted that the conservatives need to be "watched". You should recognize that you, Winkler and the GBCS staff are the ones who bear watching. Thank God, Mark Tooley and his organization will continue to fulfill that need.


Charles R. East Houston, Texas


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