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Nebraska Laity Seeks Position of GC2000 Candidates
UM Publication Refuses to Publish Questionnaire


As laity in the Nebraska Conference we are aware of the diversity of our conference. We also know that the General Conference in 2000 will be an important watershed event in the life of our denomination. Therefore we are concerned that the lay members to Annual Conference in June of 1999 be well informed about the positions and beliefs of all the possible candidates for delegates to General Conference.

To that end we have organized a Nebraska United Methodist Laity Forum in Kearney, Nebraska on October 11, 1998, at First United Methodist Church, 4500 Linden Lane. We will gather for singing at 3:30 with the Forum beginning at 4:00 p.m. The program including a light meal will conclude at 7:00 p.m. All laity and especially lay members to Annual Conference are invited to attend.

We are inviting all the present lay delegates to Jurisdictional and General Conference and any others who would like to be candidates to submit written answers to five questions. These will be complied with a picture of the candidate into a booklet to be distributed at the meeting. The M.C. will have additional questions for all the interested candidates and if time permits questions from the audience.

Any layperson who has been a member of a Nebraska United Methodist Church for the last two years and active in the UMC for the last four years is eligible to be a delegate. If you would like to be a part of this event please use the attached form with the five questions for your typed written responses. Upon receiving this form from you, we will photo copy it, as typed, to be included in the prepared booklet to be handed out at the forum. Please limit your responses and picture to two sides of one "8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper. Return your answers by September 30, 1998, to:

Marla Ford
415 S. Delaware
York, NE 68467

If you are unable to attend the October 11th Forum but would like to have your responses added to the booklet please so indicate on the form.

Sincerely, Marla Ford, Mary Kahler, Dave Mendyk, Bev Brown, and Gretchen Treadway

Response Form

Attach Photo here (Black and White)





  1. What does the United Methodist Church need to do beyond the year 2000 in order for the church to grow?

  2. What are the important changes you feel should be made in the Discipline at the General Conference in the year 2000?

  3. How would you vote on each of the following statements concerning same sex covenant services if they would come up at General Conference?
    1. Remove all references that prohibit same sex covenants. Yes No
    2. Leave the Discipline as it stands on the issue. Yes No
    3. Take the prohibition of same sex covenant services out of the Social Principles and move it to the area of the Discipline on the duties of a pastor. Yes No
    4. Add the definition "the act of homosexuality is a forgivable sin" to an appropriate place in the Discipline. Yes No

  4. What do you feel are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the United Methodist Church? Why?

  5. If you were assigned to the committee drafting the United Methodist statement on the issue of partial birth abortion in the Social Principles, what statement would you write?

To those receiving this e-mail:

As of Thursday Aug 20 the editor of the NE UM Messenger has refused to print in the form of (1) a letter to the editor, (2) a news article or a (3) paid ad, any of the above information. Therefore, use all means possible to get the word out to lay members and all laity for full participation on Oct 11 in Kearney.

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