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New Age Bishop

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Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2004 9:13 PM
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Subject: New Age Bishop

Having read Larry Stammer's profile on Beverly Shamana, the new bishop of the UMC's Left Coast Conference, one word keeps racing through my

Anyone who thinks this bishop will discipline the Rev Dr Karen Oliveto for performing homosexual weddings in San Francisco also believes that a lame horse can pull a cable car to the top of Nob Hill.

After discarding her married name (Anderson), she chose a new name for herself--Shamana--a medium name from the spirit worlds. "I wanted a name that transcended time, space and ethnicity. I wanted a name that was universal."

The UMC has ordained a New Age Feminazi who worships a she-God, is happy to extend the sanctity of marriage to homosexual couples, and spurns the materialism of those who drive SUVs. It would seem this successor to the infamous Bishop Melvin Talbert should have sought passage on the Starship Enterprise where she could have preached her version of the Gospel "between the visible and invisible spirit worlds."

Please beam her up, Scotty!

Charles East
Holy Covenant UMC
Katy, Texas

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