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Another Complaint Filed Against Homosexual Pastor By Perjury Victim

August 28, 2000
Bishop Elias G. Galvan
2112 Third Avenue, Suite 301
Seattle, Washington 98121-2333

Dear Bishop Galvan:

I am writing to file a new formal complaint against Rev. Dan Sailer. In fact it is my belief that this complaint fits the category of a Chargeable Offense under Para. 2624 (c) crime.

The reason for this new complaint is the court documents that confirm that Rev. Dan Sailer has formally sought a plea bargin agreement, called an Alford Plea, with the Superior Court of Washington for King County State of Washington. Please note this motion to allow plea to amended information was filed July 11, 2000 (see enclosure). The acceptance of this Alford Plea is dated July 14, 2000 (see enclosure).

Bishop Galvan, this is a plea of guilty to the amended charge of false swearing. This is a crime in the eyes of the church and after his sentencing the church should ask for his credentials in light of Article XXV on page 63 of the 1996 Discipline. His false swearing has denied justice to me and made a mockery of Christian morality. He has deliberately broken his covenant trust relationship as an Ordained Elder in The United Methodist Church. I was denied justice in the civil courts by his false swearing, I trust I can see the integrity of the Church express itself in justice with this complaint.


Kathryn L. Frazier

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