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Convicted Homosexual Pastor Not Guilty Of Any Church Offense In Perjury Involving Gay Partner's Assault On A UM Women

Seattle Area/Pacific Northwest Conference
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Seattle, Washington  98121-2333 
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Elias G. Galvan Resident Bishop

February 8, 2001

TO: Pastors of the Pacific Northwest Conference

Dear Friends:

As I mentioned in my letter of October 5, 2000, formal complaints were filed in my office against our colleague the Reverend Dan Sailer. A just resolution and / or reconciliation were not possible under our supervisory response. Ultimately these complaints involved the Committee on Investigation and a Church trial. The proceedings of the Committee on Investigation and the Church trial are confidential. However, I can share with you the following information which is a matter of public record.

In accordance with the process detailed by our Book of Discipline, the Committee on Investigation met; and, as a result of their investigations dismissed one complaint but forwarded the other to be decided by a trial court. The court was convened on Tuesday, February 6, and heard the case. I was informed by the presiding officer, Bishop Dan Solomon, that the jury returned a not guilty verdict.

I am aware that this has been a most difficult time for those who were involved in the judicial process that just ended - most particularly, our colleague Dan Sailer and his family, those who filed the complaints, and those of you that participated in a part of this long process. I know that many of you have held all of these persons in your prayers and for that I am most grateful.

As pastors we live in a covenantal community of sisters and brothers. What affects one affects all of us. I appeal to all of you to continue to hold before us the high standards of the ministry to which we have been called. May Gods' blessing be upon each one of us as we renew our effort to proclaim the good news of the gospel and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.


Elias Galvan


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