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Pro-homosexuality Reconciling Church Program Member Nominated To Head General Board of Church and Society

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August 14, 2000
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General Board of Church and Society Nominates Jim Winkler for New General Secretary

The Executive Committee of the General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church has selected James E. Winkler as its nominee for General Secretary. He will succeed Dr. Thom White Wolf Fassett, who is completing his 12-year term as the agency's top staff executive November 1. The nomination of Winkler needs to be confirmed by a written ballot of the full Board, a process taking place this week.

Winkler, 41, has been with GBCS since 1985. He currently serves as the Assistant General Secretary for Resourcing Congregational Life. Prior to this, Winkler was a seminar designer with United Methodist Seminars on National and International Affairs, during which time he led more than 150 seminars for United Methodist youth, college students and adults from across the denomination.

>From 1996-1999, Winkler served as the Annual Conference Relations director for GBCS. In that role, he organized the first-ever gathering of Annual Conference Church and Society chairpersons in 1997, and again in 1999. He also organized the recent GBCS Banquet at General Conference 2000, which drew over 440 people to hear keynote speaker Joseph Lowery and music from Jim and Jean Strathdee.

"I view the ministry of the General Board of Church and Society as crucial to The United Methodist Church," said Winkler. "The Church has a strong and historic presence in the continuing concerns of society around the world. The Board will continue in the Wesleyan tradition of uniting personal faith with public action."

Winkler is married to Robin Ringler, who serves on the GBCS staff as Program Director in the Peace with Justice Program. They have two children, Grace, 11, and Sam, 9. They reside in Virginia, and attend the Messiah United Methodist Church in Springfield. Winkler teaches Sunday School and serves as associate lay leader of the congregation. In addition, he is co-chair of the Virginia Annual Conference Board of Church and Society.

Winkler, with degrees from the University of Illinois and George Mason University in Virginia, comes from a long line of United Methodist leadership. His father, Eugene, is senior pastor of First UMC/The Chicago Temple in Chicago, Illinois. His brother, Chris, is pastor of Winfield Community UMC in the Northern Illinois Annual Conference, and his uncle, Ed, serves the Arlington Forest UMC in the Virginia Annual Conference. His great-grandfather was also a pastor in the Methodist Church.

Only the General Conference Speaks for the entire denomination. The General Board of Church and Society is the international public policy and social action agency of The United Methodist Church.


* Jim Winkler Burke VA
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