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An ad hoc group of  pastors and lay persons from The United Methodist Church is denouncing the verdict in a church trial last week which acquitted a minister charged with violating church law.

The Reverend Jimmy Creech of First United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska had performed a "same sex covenant service" for two lesbian women last September.  He was subsequently suspended and charged with "disobedience to the order and discipline of The United Methodist Church."  However, at his trial in Kearney, Nebraska last week, Creech was acquitted of the charge when only eight of the thirteen jurors in the case found him in violation of the Church's ban on performing homosexual marriages.  Nine votes were needed for a conviction.

In a statement released Tuesday, the ad hoc group said that Creech's acquittal "exemplifies the failure of an institutional system to enforce the will of its governing body and to uphold its own stated principles."  The verdict has no meaning or impact upon "the life and polity of the Church except as an illustration of the failed system which has allowed Reverend Creech to commit this act of disobedience without being held accountable," the statement says.

In addition, the statement calls upon "all faithful United Methodists who share our convictions to prayerfully continue fighting the good fight in the local churches, districts and annual conferences, following the leadings of Scripture, enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit." 

Included among the signatories of the statement are Bob and Betty Howell and Diane West, members of First United Methodist Church in Omaha.

The complete text of the statement and list of signatories follows.


On Sunday, September 14, 1997 at 2:00 pm the Reverend Jimmy Creech of First United Methodist Church, Omaha, Nebraska performed a "homosexual union" ceremony for two lesbian women.  On Friday, March 13, 1998 Reverend Creech was acquitted on the charge that, in performing this ceremony, he had been disobedient to the order and discipline of The United Methodist Church.  Despite the clear Scriptural condemnation of homosexual behavior (cf. Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10) and the prohibition of "same sex" ceremonies by The Book of Discipline (paragraph 65C) and the Judicial Council (Decision 694), only a majority of eight of the thirteen jurors concluded that Reverend Creech had violated church law.  Nine votes were needed for a conviction.

The acquittal of Reverend Creech exemplifies the failure of an institutional system to enforce the will of its governing body and to uphold its own stated principles.  We find this verdict to be without meaning or impact upon the life and polity of the Church except as an illustration of the failed system which has allowed Reverend Creech to commit this act of disobedience without being held accountable.  Such a system clearly stands in need of radical reform and we are committed to working toward such an end.

We affirm our commitment to the order and discipline of the Church and will have no part in any accommodation to those persons who, through word, action or complicity, have shown their contempt for the same.

We encourage all faithful United Methodists who share our convictions to prayerfully continue fighting the good fight in the local churches,districts and annual conferences, following the leadings of Scripture, enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Now, more than ever, we encourage active support of and participation in renewal ministries such as The Confessing Movement, Good News, UMAction, Concerned Methodists, Walk to Emmaus, Discover God's Call, Aldersgate Renewal Ministries, The Mission Society for United Methodists, Lifewatch and Transforming Congregations.  Most importantly, we call upon all faithful United Methodists to pray without ceasing for a revival of God's Spirit among us. 

The judgment of God is upon The United Methodist Church.  We also believe, however, that God has preserved within our denomination a faithful remnant "whose knees have not bowed down to Baal. . .whose mouths have not kissed him" (cf. 1 Kings 19:18).

Therefore, firmly grounding our faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God,Savior and Lord; and trusting our lives and eternal destinies to the grace and mercy of God, we commit ourselves anew to the proclamation of the Gospel, to the end that all the world might hear the life-giving, life-transforming message of salvation in Jesus Christ.  Such is the true heart and spirit of Methodism.

The undersigned have endorsed this statement.

If you have endorsed this statement and your name does not appear on the current list, please be patient. This list is updated periodically but due to the heavy volume of responses, your name may not appear immediately.

  1. Mr. Scott Benson--Riverdale, Georgia
  2. Rev. Michael Walker--Irving, Texas
  3. Rev. Walt Bernard--Shelby, Iowa
  4. Rev. James Gibson--Marshallville, Georgia
  5. Mrs. Diane West--Omaha, Nebraska
  6. Rev. Dick McClain--Stone Mountain, Georgia
  7. Rev. Paul Goshorn--South Salem, Ohio
  8. Rev. James O. Williams--Guyton, Georgia
  9. Rev. John C. Quigley II--Seadrift, Texas
  10. Rev. Barry Hidey--Leonardtown, Maryland
  11. Rev. R. Frank Walker--Crossville, Texas
  12. Rev. Michael D. Hinton--Mayflower, Arkansas
  13. Dr. John E. Horton, Jr.--Macon, Georgia
  14. Rev. John Warrener--Brookfield, Georgia
  15. Dr. Delbert G. Freeman--Pinckard, Alabama
  16. Mrs. Betty Howell--Omaha, Nebraska
  17. Rev. Dennis R. Linton-Hendrick--Geneva, Nebraska
  18. Mr. Bob Howell--Omaha, Nebraska
  19. Rev. James D. Roper--Maury City, Tennessee
  20. Rev. Thomas L. Gibson--Boone, North Carolina
  21. Rev. Roy E. Jacobsen--Windsor, Connecticut
  22. Rev. Brian Davis--Milledgeville, Georgia
  23. Rev. Bill Reincheld--Vidalia, Georgia
  24. Rev. Patricia B. Looper--Riverdale, Georgia
  25. Mr. James A. Driskell--Brockton, Massachussetts
  26. Rev. Freeman Porter--Ellaville, Georgia
  27. Dr. H.T. Maclin--Atlanta, Georgia
  28. Rev. Bob Parker--Circleville, Ohio
  29. Rev. Kenneth Graham--LaPlace, Louisiana
  30. Mr. Mark Morrow--Edinboro, Pennsylvania
  31. Rev. Tom Lambrecht--Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  32. Rev. Frederick Richard Holt--Midville, Georgia
  33. Rev. James H. Rush--St. Simons Island, Georgia
  34. Mrs. Shawna Ellis--Lake Forest, California
  35. Mr. Allen O. Morris--Fayetteville, North Carolina
  36. Mr. M. Leo Scholl--Dayton, Ohio
  37. Rev. A. Frederick Walz, Jr.--Dunkirk, Maryland
  38. Rev. John M. Crowe--Salter Path, North Carolina
  39. Rev. David Unkles--Blakely, Georgia
  40. Rev. Benjamin S. Sharpe, Jr.--Fayetteville, North Carolina
  41. Rev. Ronnie Wills--Swainsboro, Georgia
  42. Dr. Al Vom Steeg--Atlanta, Georgia
  43. Rev. Hank Butler--Damascus, Maryland
  44. Rev. Ronald M. Smith--Brunswick, Georgia
  45. Dr. Roger C. Nichols--Joplin, Missouri
  46. Rev. Wesley Putnam--Bedford, Texas
  47. Rev. David J. Barrett--Bainbridge, Georgia
  48. Dr. Frank Wade--Magee, Mississippi
  49. Rev. Gregory B. Iverson--Maplewood, Minnesota
  50. Rev. Charles L. Harrell
  51. Rev. Ed Hamshar--Clark Fork, Idaho
  52. Mr. Jerry Lapham--Monroe, Ohio
  53. Mrs. Nila Hamshar--Clark Fork, Idaho
  54. Rev. Charles Whatley--Thomasville, Georgia
  55. Rev. John Montgomery--Texarkana, Texas
  56. Mrs. Jo Sineath--Mountain Park, Georgia
  57. Mr. Cy Sineath--Mountain Park, Georgia
  58. Rev. James Davis--Americus, Georgia
  59. Rev. Scott I. Tucker--Columbus, Georgia
  60. Rev. Roger Mays--Columbus, Georgia
  61. Rev. Gene Bates--Kathleen, Georgia
  62. Rev. Diane Sheahan Holt--Statesboro, Georgia
  63. Rev. Jim McIlrath--Columbus, Georgia
  64. Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth--Rose Hill, North Carolina
  65. Mrs. Evelyn Wages--Hull, Georgia
  66. Mr. Lamar Wages--Hull, Georgia
  67. Mr. Ed Bickford--Claremore, Oklahoma
  68. Cindy Breon -- Joplin, Missouri
  69. Cindy Croy -- Joplin, Missouri
  70. Louise Reed -- Joplin, Missouri
  71. Charlotte Thelen -- Joplin, Missouri
  72. Charles Thelen -- Joplin, Missouri
  73. Beulah R. Estes -- Joplin, Missouri
  74. Elaine Luttrell -- Joplin, Missouri
  75. Cindy Fisher -- Joplin, Missouri
  76. Wilma Perry -- Joplin, Missouri
  77. Rev. Earl Perry -- Joplin, Missouri
  78. Patricia Hurley -- Joplin, Missouri
  79. Paul Thompson -- Joplin, Missouri
  80. Joy Thompson -- Joplin, Missouri
  81. Mark Layng -- Joplin, Missouri
  82. Cathy Layng -- Joplin, Missouri
  83. Monte Brittenham -- Joplin, Missouri
  84. Audrey Brittenham -- Joplin, Missouri
  85. Waneta Childress -- Joplin, Missouri
  86. Imogene Page -- Joplin, Missouri
  87. Pat Palmer -- Joplin, Missouri
  88. Tommie Givens -- Joplin, Missouri
  89. Jane Kaltenbach -- Joplin, Missouri
  90. Rawena Larson -- Joplin, Missouri
  91. Doris Jean Wood -- Joplin, Missouri
  92. Virginia McNally -- Joplin, Missouri
  93. Evelyn M. Baier -- Joplin, Missouri
  94. Berdy Miller -- Joplin, Missouri
  95. Vonnie Withington -- Joplin, Missouri
  96. Sean Walker -- Joplin, Missouri
  97. Michel Keeter -- Joplin, Missouri
  98. Lee Ann Book -- Joplin, Missouri
  99. Pam Duncan -- Joplin, Missouri
  100. James M. Zerkel -- Joplin, Missouri
  101. L. Dell Reed -- Joplin, Missouri
  102. Dewey Horton -- Joplin, Missouri
  103. James M. Wood -- Joplin, Missouri
  104. Ruth Horton -- Joplin, Missouri
  105. Jack McNally -- Joplin, Missouri
  106. Jean Sohosky -- Joplin, Missouri
  107. John Sohosky -- Joplin, Missouri
  108. Jarret J. Woolridge -- Joplin, Missouri
  109. James Hurley -- Joplin, Missouri
  110. Amy Boore -- Joplin, Missouri
  111. Dr. R. L. Zoeller -- Joplin, Missouri
  112. W. Harold Williams -- Joplin, Missouri
  113. Carolyn J. Tunnell -- Joplin, Missouri
  114. Brennan Hobart -- Joplin, Missouri
  115. Linda Leemon -- Joplin, Missouri
  116. Ken Leemon -- Joplin, Missouri
  117. Beatrice G. Wright -- Joplin, Missouri
  118. Bill F. Wright -- Joplin, Missouri
  119. Dale E. Palmer -- Joplin, Missouri
  120. Clydene Palmer -- Joplin, Missouri
  121. Evelyn Taylor -- Joplin, Missouri
  122. Roy Reed -- Joplin, Missouri
  123. Millie I. Mann -- Joplin, Missouri
  124. Tom Mann -- Joplin, Missouri
  125. Doris Elgin -- Joplin, Missouri
  126. Sarah Hoffmeister -- Joplin, Missouri
  127. Jackie Nichols -- Joplin, Missouri
  128. Kyla Denham -- Joplin, Missouri
  129. Brandon Cline -- Joplin, Missouri
  130. Brian Greer -- Joplin, Missouri
  131. Donna Maples -- Joplin, Missouri
  132. Ruth Greer -- Joplin, Missouri
  133. Doug Greer -- Joplin, Missouri
  134. Linda Wirzberg -- Joplin, Missouri
  135. Cliff Wirzberg -- Joplin, Missouri
  136. Howard L. Gilliam -- Joplin, Missouri
  137. James W. Meador -- Joplin, Missouri
  138. Shannon Woolridge -- Joplin, Missouri
  139. Liz Meador -- Joplin, Missouri
  140. Nancy M. Gilliam -- Joplin, Missouri
  141. Tracy G. Nichols -- Joplin, Missouri
  142. Richard Martinous -- Joplin, Missouri
  143. Christopher D. Belk -- Joplin, Missouri
  144. Robin Martinous -- Joplin, Missouri
  145. Lance Burnett -- Joplin, Missouri
  146. Dr. A. Bruce Webster--Nicholson, Georgia
  147. Mrs. Laurie Webster--Nicholson, Georgia
  148. Mr. Don Thompson--Memphis, Tennessee
  149. Frances Jean Southerland
  150. Rev. Ben McKee--New Brockton, Alabama
  151. Rev. Carson Daniel Lauffer--Prophetstown, Illinois
  152. Mrs. Christine Ann Lauffer--Prophetstown, Illinois
  153. Mr. Joseph Slife--Athens, Georgia
  154. Rev. Don Adams--Statesboro, Georgia
  155. Rev. Howard W. Sallee--Shelbyville, Illinois
  156. Rev. Ron Brewer--Clovis, New Mexico
  157. Rev. Maurice Bonecutter--Espanola, New Mexico
  158. Rev. Levi Louderbach--Clovis, New Mexico
  159. Rev. Marvin Cheek--New Albany, Indiana
  160. Rev. Jim Rogers--Crossville, Tennessee
  161. Rev. Ryan J. O'Shea--Broomfield, Colorado
  162. Mr. David Samuelson--Wharton, Texas
  163. Rev. Bill Jenkins--Wharton, Texas
  164. Rev. Austin Fergusson--Albion, Indiana
  165. Rev. Nancy Fergusson--Albion, Indiana
  166. Rev. Douglas E. Milliron--Downsville, Louisiana
  167. Ms. Karen S. Bogard--Armona, California
  168. Rev. Jake Barker--Eufala, Oklahoma
  169. Mrs. Charlotte Armstrong-Barker--Eufala, Oklahoma
  170. Rev. Rodney Body--Waycross, Georgia
  171. Rev. Jay Hughes--Springfield, Georgia
  172. Rev. Ron Smith--Brunswick, Georgia
  173. Rev. David Mochring--Camden, North Carolina
  174. Mr. Robert Farmer--Mt. Airy, Maryland
  175. Mr. Russ Knight--Perry, Florida
  176. Mrs. Donna Knight--Perry, Florida
  177. Rev. Daniel Curtis--Columbus, Ohio
  178. Rev. Michael A. Pike--East Corinth, Maine
  179. Rev. Mike Swearingen--Bloomington, Texas
  180. Rev. Phillip C. Thrailkill--Charleston, South Carolina
  181. Rev. Glenn Martin--Dublin, Georgia
  182. Rev. John Barrett--Midland, Texas
  183. Dr. Mark Scott--Clovis, New Mexico
  184. Ms. Diane Brewer--Clovis, New Mexico
  185. Ms. Sybil Brewer--Clovis, New Mexico
  186. Ms. Barbara Brewer--Hobbs, New Mexico
  187. Rev. Kevin Phillips--Lordsburg, New Mexico
  188. Dr. Ken Freshour, Sr.--Blue Ridge, Georgia
  189. Mr. George Price--Littlefield, Texas
  190. Rev. Phillip F. Wiley--Hamilton, Georgia
  191. Mr. Wallace Morris--Atlantic, North Carolina
  192. Mrs. Donna Morris--Atlantic, North Carolina
  193. Dr. Vernon E. Lawrence--Eufala, Oklahoma
  194. Dr. Kent D. Marrs--Weatherford, Texas
  195. Rev. Bill Williams--Atlantic, North Carolina
  196. Mrs. Rachel Brickhouse--Atlantic, North Carolina
  197. Mr. Dennis Brickhouse--Atlantic, North Carolina
  198. Rev. Ronald M. West--Harlingen, Texas
  199. Rev. William A. Shannon--Muncie, Indiana
  200. Rev. John Farris--San Jon, New Mexico
  201. Rev. Brooks Ambos--Albuqurque, New Mexico
  202. Rev. Bill Ivins--Odessa, Texas
  203. Rev. Jeff Patterson--Archdale, North Carolina
  204. Rev. Gene Tyson--Greenville, North Carolina
  205. Dr. Allan F. Burns--Cape Charles, Virginia
  206. Mrs. Susie Burns--Cape Charles, Virginia
  207. Mrs. Paula Herbert--Stockbridge, Georgia
  208. Rev. Bruce D. Armine--Oregonia, Ohio
  209. Rev. Russell K. Fitch
  210. Rev. Frank M. Mason--Lady Lake, Florida
  211. Rev. Steve Holston--Midland, Texas
  212. Rev. Robert L. Kuyper--Bakersfield, California
  213. Mr. Chris Huffstetler--Memphis, Tennessee
  214. Ms. Mavis E. Diment--Marcus, Iowa
  215. Mr. H. Kirk Fowler--Thompson, Ohio
  216. Ms. Joan Hersh--Columbus, Georgia
  217. Mr. Richard Kesselring--Columbus, Georgia
  218. Mrs. Beverly Kesselring--Columbus, Georgia
  219. Mr. Paul Buckhiester--Columbus, Georgia
  220. Ms. Brenda Gilkey--Columbus, Georgia
  221. Mrs. Carolyn Mays--Columbus, Georgia
  222. Rev. David M. Fowler--Gothenburg, Nebraska
  223. Mrs. Alice Frescola Fowler--Gothenburg, Nebraska
  224. Mr. Jeff L. Glaze--Doraville, Georgia
  225. Rev. Yvonne Vincent Quigley--Seadrift, Texas
  226. Mr. Darrell McGinnis--Duluth, Georgia
  227. Mrs. Peggy McGinnis--Duluth, Georgia
  228. Mr. Dayon Taylor--Crossville, Tennessee
  229. Mr. Mark Shepard--North Bernington, Vermont
  230. Mrs. Rebecca Shepard--North Bernington, Vermont
  231. Rev. Patrick England--Hale, Michigan
  232. Mr. Gaylord J. Marshall--Omaha, Nebraska
  233. Mrs. Jane Powell Sell--Clifton, New Jersey
  234. Rev. Ronald S. Sell--Clifton, New Jersey
  235. Mr. Jerry Klatt--Moberley, Missouri
  236. Rev. Rob M. Lindley--Wheeler, Texas
  237. Rev. R. Frank Walker
  238. Mrs. Suzanne F. Clulow--Livonia, Michigan
  239. Mr. John Gardner--Onalaska, Wisconsin
  240. Mr. Paul Jeffrey Cowen--Livonia, Michigan
  241. Mrs. Keitha Cowen--Livonia, Michigan
  242. Mr. Jefferson Davis Heard--Hamilton, Georgia
  243. Rev. Ronald Register--Quitman, Georgia
  244. Mr. Roger Martin--Maryville, Tennessee
  245. Ms. Lisa L. Anderson--Savanna, Illinois
  246. Mr. Phil Mischke--Memphis, Tennessee
  247. Mr. Mike Gordon--Wilmore, Kentucky
  248. Mrs. Carmen Gordon--Wilmore, Kentucky
  249. Mrs. Sherry Best--Omaha, Nebraska
  250. Mr. Andrew Best--Omaha, Nebraska
  251. Mrs. Ellen Eileen Frescoln--Eminence, Missouri
  252. Mr. Robert E. Frescoln--Eminence, Missouri
  253. Mr. Dale C. Crow--Pace, Florida
  254. Dr. Kurth Oheim--Amarillo, Texas
  255. Rev. C. William Bicket--Shickley, Nebraska
  256. Rev. David Sheehan--Columbia, Louisiana
  257. Mr. Chris Ray--Las Cruces, New Mexico
  258. Mrs. Jeanie Holston--Midland, Texas
  259. Mr. Jerry Goodwin
  260. Mrs. Donna Goodwin
  261. Rev. Gary Smithey--Houston, Texas
  262. Mr. Robert New--Berea, Kentucky
  263. Mrs. Helen M. Fitch--Mechanicsville, New York
  264. Laura Adkins -- Joplin, Missouri
  265. Bonnie Hinman -- Joplin, Missouri
  266. Schuyler Adkins -- Joplin, Missouri
  267. Jordan Adkins -- Joplin, Missouri
  268. Alan Adkins -- Joplin, Missouri
  269. Kay Jenness -- Joplin, Missouri
  270. Jim Jenness -- Joplin, Missouri
  271. Jo Pottenger -- Joplin, Missouri
  272. Abel Steward -- Joplin, Missouri
  273. Michelle Luellen -- Joplin, Missouri
  274. Charles F. Burt -- Joplin, Missouri
  275. Rosalie M. Burt -- Joplin, Missouri
  276. Dr. Donald Crockett -- Joplin, Missouri
  277. G. L. Tucker -- Joplin, Missouri
  278. Harold L. Jacobs -- Joplin, Missouri
  279. Marilyn Jacobs -- Joplin, Missouri
  280. Linda Herron -- Joplin, Missouri
  281. Fred R. Spille -- Joplin, Missouri
  282. Melanie Blizzard -- Joplin, Missouri
  283. Joyce Carpenter -- Joplin, Missouri
  284. Allen Carpenter -- Joplin, Missouri
  285. Howard W. Hogan -- Joplin, Missouri
  286. Virginia Hogan -- Joplin, Missouri
  287. Virginia Denham -- Joplin, MO
  288. David Haralson -- Joplin, MO
  289. Helen Haralson -- Joplin, MO
  290. Jerry Aquino -- Joplin, MO
  291. Nita Aquino -- Joplin, MO
  292. Mildred Phipps -- Joplin, MO
  293. Kathleen Martinous -- Joplin, MO
  294. Mose Martinous -- Joplin, MO
  295. Milton Sneddon -- Joplin, MO
  296. Fayne Sneddon -- Joplin, MO
  297. Dr. Russell Phillips -- Joplin, MO
  298. Myra Phillips -- Joplin, MO
  299. Marvin Hodges -- Joplin, MO
  300. Carolyn C. Dale -- Joplin, MO
  301. Doris Garner -- Joplin, MO
  302. Beverly Zerkel -- Joplin, MO
  303. Olivia Combs -- Joplin, MO
  304. Robert Wolf -- Joplin, MO
  305. Helen Wolf -- Joplin, MO
  306. Phyllis Close -- Joplin, MO
  307. Robert D. Close -- Joplin, MO
  308. Sharon Berkstresser -- Joplin, MO
  309. Chuck Elgin -- Joplin, Missouri
  310. Bonnie Endicott -- Joplin, Missouri
  311. Patsy Klontz -- Joplin, Missouri
  312. Bill J.R. Landreth, Jr. -- Joplin, Missouri
  313. Jane C. Browning -- Joplin, Missouri
  314. Larry Endicott -- Joplin, Missouri
  315. Robby Robinson -- Joplin, Missouri
  316. Linda Robinson -- Joplin, Missouri
  317. Warren Oxendine -- Joplin, Missouri
  318. Gladys Hailey -- Joplin, Missouri
  319. Vada Hainline -- Joplin, Missouri
  320. Oletha Crocker -- Joplin, Missouri
  321. Margaret Castor -- Joplin, Missouri
  322. Ralph Brown -- Joplin, Missouri
  323. Elizabeth Kaminstky -- Joplin, Missouri
  324. Elizabeth Brandon -- Joplin, Missouri
  325. Jewell Witzansky -- Joplin, Missouri
  326. Marvin Page -- Joplin, Missouri
  327. Dave Smith -- Joplin, Missouri
  328. Connie Knight -- Joplin, Missouri
  329. Larry B. Knight -- Joplin, Missouri
  330. Karl W. Blanchard, Jr. -- Joplin, Missouri
  331. Mr. Dan Hinderliter--Dothan, Alabama
  332. Mrs. Emily Hinderliter--Dothan, Alabama
  333. Mr. Thomas W. Roepke--Ashland, Ohio
  334. Rev. Edward Henne--Prattville, Alabama
  335. Dr. John K. Dickinson--Pensacola, Florida
  336. Rev. Richard T. Mitchell--Midland, Georgia
  337. Rev. John Hubbard--Safety Harbor, Florida
  338. Mrs. Laura Hubbard--Safety Harbor, Florida
  339. Mr. Harold Marvin--Homsassa, Florida
  340. Rev. J. Michael Bryan--Panama City, Florida
  341. Rev. Steve Spining--Pensacola, Florida
  342. Dr. Robert C. McKibben--Pensacola, Florida
  343. Mr. Chuck Suthphin--Livonia, Michigan
  344. Dr. Ken Taylor--Panama City, Florida
  345. Rev. Doug Jolly--Panama City, Florida
  346. Rev. Peter J. Cremer--Yuba City, California
  347. Rev. Max Browning--Plainview, Texas
  348. Mrs. Ellen C. Beebe--Marietta, Georgia
  349. Mrs. B.J. Eble--Marietta, Georgia
  350. Rev. Michael G. Roberts--Mary Esther, Florida
  351. Rev. Timothy J. Terrell--Cromwell, Indiana
  352. Rev. David Jenkins--Claremore, Oklahoma
  353. Mrs. Sandra Rasmussen--Kansas City, Missouri
  354. Dr. Roy Rasmussen--Kansas City, Missouri
  355. Ranae Hazlewood--Princeton, West Virginia
  356. Dale Frost--Midland, Texas
  357. G. Louis Fletcher--Redlands, California
  358. Mrs. Gwen Marshall
  359. Ms. Clarice Claiborne--Odessa, Texas
  360. Rev. Tim Paulk--Soperton, Georgia
  361. Rev. Jacklyn McNeil--Amarillo, Texas
  362. Mr. David P. Mills--Perry, Georgia
  363. Dr. Earl H. Bailey--Canton, Ohio
  364. Mr. Jimmy Patterson--Downsville, Louisiana
  365. Mr. Johnny McFarland--Downsville, Louisiana
  366. Mr. J.B. Guice--Downsville, Louisiana
  367. Mr. Robert Taylor, Jr.--Downsville, Louisiana
  368. Mr. T. D. McFarland--Downsville, Louisiana
  369. Mr. James Aswell--Downsville, Louisiana
  370. Mrs. Charlotte McFarland--Downsville, Louisiana
  371. Mr. Brad Taft--Downsville, Louisiana
  372. Mr. Brad McGehee--Downsville, Louisiana
  373. Mrs. Karen Thompson--Downsville, Louisiana
  374. Mr. Dan Thompson--Downsville, Louisiana
  375. Mrs. Monabeth Milliron--Downsville, Louisiana
  376. Miss Erin Milliron--Downsville, Louisiana
  377. Miss Sarah Milliron--Downsville, Louisiana
  378. Mrs. Peggy Aswell--Downsville, Louisiana
  379. Mrs. Susan Holman--Downsville, Louisiana
  380. Mrs. Carolyn Guice--Downsville, Louisiana
  381. Mrs. Becky McCann--Downsville, Louisiana
  382. Mr. E.C. McCann--Downsville, Louisiana
  383. Mr. Wayne McFarland--Downsville, Louisiana
  384. Mrs. Judy McFarland--Downsville, Louisiana
  385. Mrs. Sue Elliot--Downsville, Louisiana
  386. Mr.Jack Hamilton--Downsville, Louisiana
  387. Mrs. Ann Hamilton--Downsville, Louisiana
  388. Mr. Jerry Rugg--Downsville, Louisiana
  389. Mrs. Charlotte Rugg--Downsville, Louisiana
  390. Miss Rosemary Rugg--Downsville, Louisiana
  391. Mrs. Barbie Littleton--Downsville, Louisiana
  392. Mrs. Tara Ballard--Downsville, Louisiana
  393. Mr. Walter Ballard--Downsville, Louisiana
  394. Mr. Robert Traylor--Downsville, Louisiana
  395. Mr. Jake Rugg--Downsville, Louisiana
  396. Mr. Jimmy Patterson--Choudrant, Louisiana
  397. Mrs. Rowena Patterson--Choudrant, Louisiana
  398. Mr. Jon McCann--Calhoun, Louisiana
  399. Mr. John Sistrunk--Calhoun, Louisiana
  400. Mrs. Carolyn Sistrunk--Calhoun, Louisiana
  401. Mr. Roy Hinton--Calhoun, Louisiana
  402. Mrs. Ruby Hinton--Calhoun, Louisiana
  403. Mr. Wayne Dunn--Marion, Louisiana
  404. Mrs. Ann Dunn--Marion, Louisiana
  405. Mr. Dan Thompson--Ruston, Louisiana
  406. Mrs. Karen Thompson--Ruston, Louisiana
  407. Mr. Jordan Holmes--Ruston, Louisiana
  408. Mrs. Debbie Holmes--Ruston, Louisiana
  409. Mr. Chance Perkins--Ruston, Louisiana
  410. Mr. Lantz Hemphill--West Monroe, Louisiana
  411. Rev. Steve Helm-- Selma, Indiana
  412. Rev. Edwin Helm-- Anderson, Indiana
  413. Rev. Mark Helm-- Marion, Indiana
  414. Rev. Dan Helm-- Marion, Indiana
  415. Mr. Pete R. Fish of Platte City, MO
  416. Mrs. Janet Curtis of Kansas City, MO
  417. Mr. Marty Nower of Gladstone, MO
  418. Mrs. Vicki Nower of Gladstone, MO
  419. Mr. Rodney McNeall of Kansas City, MO
  420. Mr. Tom Graffagnino--Hamiltion, Georgia
  421. Mrs. Ann Graffagnino--Hamiltion, Georgia
  422. Rev. Dennis Stalvey--Valdosta, Georgia
  423. Mrs Debra Candora--Broctkon, Ma
  424. Mrs Margaret Driskell--Brockton, Ma
  425. Mr Kenneth Doten--Brockton, Ma
  426. Mrs Bennie Moore--Easton, Ma
  427. Mr David Kaiper--Brockton, Ma
  428. Mr Zinnah Cooper--Brockton, Ma
  429. Mr Albert Gibson--Brockton, Ma
  430. Mr John Pratt--Brockton, Ma
  431. Mr Marvin Gaye--Brockton, Ma
  432. Mrs Joan Hayward--Easton, Ma
  433. Atty John Hopkins--Brockton, Ma
  434. Mrs Lisa Hopkins--Brockton, Ma
  435. Mr. Ronald Wilson - Canton, Ohio
  436. Mrs. Sharon Wilson - Canton, Ohio
  437. Mr. Bryan Wilson - Canton, Ohio
  438. Mr. Brent Wilson - Canton, Ohio
  439. Mr. Bill Harsh - Canton, Ohio
  440. Mrs. Sara Harsh - Canton, Ohio
  441. Mrs. Martha Francisco - Canton, Ohio
  442. Mr. Richard T. Mallett - Canton , Ohio
  443. Mrs. Sue Mallett - Canton, Ohio
  444. Mrs. Joyce Guillian - Canton, Ohio
  445. Mrs. Vi Meager - Canton, Ohio
  446. Mrs. Bea Whitehead - Canton, Ohio
  447. Mr. Jim Whitehead - Canton, Ohio
  448. Mr. Marv Meager - Canton, Ohio
  449. Mr. Glen Payne - Canton , Ohio
  450. Mrs. Debbie Payne - Canton, Ohio
  451. Mr. Kenneth Vaughan - Hartville Ohio
  452. Mrs. Susan Vaughan - Hartville, Ohio
  453. Mr. Bill Kirchner - Canton, Ohio
  454. Miss Jennifer McClintock - Canton, Ohio
  455. Mr. Donald McClintock - Canton , Ohio
  456. Mrs. Linda McClintock - Canton, Ohio
  457. Mr. John W. Rivers - Canton, Ohio
  458. Mrs. Beth Rivers - Canton , Ohio
  459. Mr. Joseph Raber - Louisville, Ohio
  460. Mrs. Cynthia Raber - Louisville, Ohio
  461. Mr. Larry Swartz - Canton, Ohio
  462. Mr. Roger Hamilton - Canton, Ohio
  463. Mrs. Marry Hamilton - Canton, Ohio
  464. Mrs. Amy O. Smith - Canton, Ohio
  465. Mr. Lester Boyd - Canton, Ohio
  466. Mrs. Marge Boyd - Canton, Ohio
  467. Mrs. Elizabeth J. Dennis - Canton,Ohio
  468. Mrs. Norma Miller - Canton, Ohio
  469. Mrs. Anna Mae Roth - East Canton, Ohio
  470. Mr. Jerome Roth - East Canton, Ohio
  471. Mrs. Marie A. Wagner - Canton, Ohio
  472. Mr. Kenneth Gerber - Canton, Ohio
  473. Mr. George Price - Canton, Ohio
  474. Mrs. Virginia L. Newlen - Canton, Ohio
  475. Mrs. Iris C. Crislip - Canton, Ohio
  476. Mrs. Vivian Carnes - Canton, Ohio
  477. Mrs. Ida Milford - Canton, Ohio
  478. Mr. Jack Cooke - Canton, Ohio
  479. Mrs. Joyce Cooke - Canton, Ohio
  480. Mrs. Neva Kanzigg - Canton, Ohio
  481. Mrs Irene Motice - Canton, Ohio
  482. Mr. George Dawson - Louisville, Ohio
  483. Mrs. Sandra Dawson - Louisville, Ohio
  484. Mr. Mike Kozinski - Canton, Ohio
  485. Mrs. Shirley Kozinski - Canton, Ohio
  486. Mrs Juanita Etter - Canton, Ohio
  487. Mr. Vernon Saunier - Louisville, Ohio
  488. Mrs. Virginia Saunier - Louisville, Ohio
  489. Chaplain Otis Essex - North Canton, Ohio
  490. Mrs Dessie Essex - North Canton, Ohio
  491. Larue Williams - Canton, Ohio
  492. Mrs. Evelyn Stegman - Canton, Ohio
  493. Mrs. Martha Eckles - Canton, Ohio
  494. Mrs. Donna Lake - Canton, Ohio
  495. Mr. Earl O. Storer - Canton, Ohio
  496. Mr. Jerry Burris - Canton, Ohio
  497. Mr. Jack Warszawski - Canton, Ohio
  498. Mrs. Lucille Warszawski - Canton, Ohio
  499. Mr. Eric Saunier - Louisville, Ohio
  500. Mrs. Bonnie Saunier - Louisville, Ohio
  501. Mr. Bruce R. Garster - Canton, Ohio
  502. Laura L. Rogers  - Canton, Ohio
  503. Mr. Eric Gregg - Canton, Ohio
  504. Mrs. Carol Gregg - Canton, Ohio
  505. Mrs. Patricia Fehn - Canton, Ohio
  506. Mr. Robert D. Harris - Canton, Ohio
  507. Mr. Jeffery D. Bragg - Canton, Ohio
  508. Mr. Dale F. Miller - Canton, Ohio
  509. Mr. Shawn Stamp - Canton, Ohio
  510. Mrs. Lisa Stamp - Canton, Ohio
  511. Mrs. Kimberly Mammone - Canton, Ohio
  512. Mr. Ted Salsberg - Navarre, Ohio
  513. Mr. Jon Wise - Canton, Ohio
  514. Mrs. Deborah Haddox - Canton, Ohio
  515. Mr. Devin Haddox - Canton, Ohio
  516. Marry Ann  Wyant - Canton, Ohio
  517. Melanie O. McGinnis - Canton, Ohio
  518. Mr. Gary Floyd - Canton,Ohio
  519. Mrs. Jackie Beaty - Canton, Ohio
  520. Mrs. Cindy Irwin - Canton, Ohio
  521. Mrs. Norma Robinson - Canton, Ohio
  522. Mrs. Pamela Barnes - Massillon, Ohio
  523. Mr. David Barnes - Massillon, Ohio
  524. Miss Carol Barcus - Canton, Ohio
  525. Mrs. Pamela Jackson - Canton, Ohio
  526. Mrs. Ruth Ann Meager - Canton, Ohio
  527. Mr. Gary Gatchet - Canton, Ohio
  528. Mr. Donald Weimer - Canton, Ohio
  529. Mr. Robert Fulton - Cadiz, Ohio
  530. Mrs. Valorie Fulton - Cadiz, Ohio
  531. Mr. Newell Kocher - Canton, Ohio
  532. Mrs. Mary Virginia Kocher - Canton, Ohio
  533. Mr. Bob Lillo  - Massillon, Ohio
  534. Mr Jay Maxfield, Canton, Ohio
  535. Mrs Georgia Robinson - Waynsburg, Ohio
  536. Rev. Tommy Seale--Claremore, Oklahoma
  537. Rev. Lewis J. Hiserote--Marlton, New Jersey
  538. Rev. Joe Hoover--Ringgold, Louisiana
  539. Rev. Jan R. Putnam--Atlanta, Texas
  540. Capt. Charles R. Miller, USA--Staunton, Virginia
  541. Rev. David R. Ball--Maysville, Georgia
  542. Dewey D. Baucum--Midland, Texas
  543. Daphne E. Baucum--Midland, Texas
  544. Mr. James Wall--Kansas City, Missouri
  545. Mr. Mitchell A. Cross--Gladstone, Missouri
  546. Mr. John T. Small, Jr.--Kansas City, Missouri
  547. Mr. James Miller--Parkville, Missouri
  548. Rev. David A. Banks--Morehead City, North Carolina
  549. Rev. Don Russell--Boonesville, Mississippi
  550. Becky Samuelson--Wharton, Texas
  551. David Blough--Windsor, Connecticutt
  552. Steve McGoldrick--East Grandby, Connecticutt
  553. Mary McGoldrick--East Grandby, Connecticutt
  554. Mrs. Karen Price--Littlefield, Texas
  555. Jim Jones--Littlefiled, Texas
  556. Jane Ann Jones--Littlefield, Texas
  557. Thomas B. Hester--Endwell, New York
  558. Charlie Gilman--Windsor, Connecticutt
  559. Lynn Weber--Three Rivers, Texas
  560. Rev. Richard Heyduck--Hooks, Texas
  561. Jim Yoakum--Maryville, Tennessee
  562. Greg Grisham--Memphis, Tennessee
  563. Butch Hanlin--Fresno, California
  564. Shari Hanlin--Fresno, California
  565. Tom Edwards--Robertsdale, Alabama
  566. Cheryll Edwards--Robertsdale, Alabama
  567. Wesley J. Gabel--Tracy, Minnesota
  568. James Madison--Mustang, Oklahoma
  569. Becky Madison--Mustang, Oklahoma
  570. Jeff Graham--Hanson, Kentucky
  571. Rev. Marty Boddie--Tenaha, Texas
  572. Rev. Bob Seaman--Moberly, Missouri
  573. Rev. Carlos R. Otero--Bradenton, Florida
  574. Rev. Nick Rochester, Jr.--Charlotte, North Carolina
  575. Roy L. McClellan--Spearman, Texas
  576. Jonathan Gregory--Avon, Connecticutt
  577. Mrs. Cheryl M. Schmidt--Venice, Florida
  578. Deny Gallagher--Windsor, Connecticutt
  579. Ann Gallagher--Windsor, Connecticutt
  580. Tom Gallagher--Windsor, Connecticutt
  581. Rev. William E. Woodson--Warner Robins, Georgia
  582. Charles F. Griffiths--Northern New Jersey
  583. Rev. Robert Kirk--Midland, Texas
  584. Rick Evans--Canton, Ohio
  585. Joyce Evans--Canton, Ohio
  586. Jane Petcavage--Canton, Ohio
  587. Mike Petcavage--Canton, Ohio
  588. Dr. Chester A. Harris--Canton, Ohio
  589. Mrs. Barbara A. Harris--Canton, Ohio
  590. Mr. J. Dick McNeil--Amarillo, Texas
  591. Mrs. Cheryl Duke--Three Rivers, Texas
  592. Rev. Bill Duke--Three Rivers, Texas
  593. Rev. J.E. (Jet) Throckmorton--Harlingen, Texas
  594. Mrs. Donna Maxfield
  595. Kathy S. Humble, Canton, Ohio
  596. Jimmie E. Humble, Canton, Ohio
  597. Pamela Bates, Canton, Ohio
  598. Gerald Bates, Canton, Ohio
  599. Warren Bellamy, Bolivar, Ohio
  600. Marty Bellamy, Bolivar, Ohio
  601. Judy Selby, Louisville, Ohio
  602. Tom, Selby, Louisville, Ohio
  603. Fred Friend, Canton, Ohio
  604. Glenna Calhoun, Massillon, Ohio
  605. Adam A. Freund, Massillon, Ohio
  606. Montene Hamilton, Downsville, Louisiana
  607. Henery Hamilton, Downsville, Louisiana
  608. Mitzy Werner, Downsville, Louisiana
  609. Mabelline Aswell, Downsville, Louisiana
  610. Lewis Van Houten, Moberly, Missouri
  611. Mary Ellen Van Houten, Moberly, Missouri
  612. Charles Martin, Moberly, Missouri
  613. Lorna Martin, Moberly, Missouri
  614. Amy Martin, Moberly, Missouri
  615. Darren Martin, Moberly, Missouri
  616. Dawn Terry, Moberly, Missouri
  617. Brad Terry, Moberly, Missouri
  618. Violet Winn, Moberly, Missouri
  619. Cindy Smith, Moberly, Missouri
  620. Blane Smith, Moberly, Missouri
  621. April Smith, Moberly, Missouri
  622. Tammy Randolph, Moberly, Missouri
  623. Bonnie Kilgore, Moberly, Missouri
  624. Wahlan Kilgore, Moberly, Missouri
  625. Marna Finnell, Moberly, Missouri
  626. Doug Finnell, Moberly, Missouri
  627. Dave Ford, Moberly, Missouri
  628. Marllyn Ford, Moberly, Missouri
  629. Jan Palliser, Moberly, Missouri
  630. Richard Palliser, Moberly, Missouri
  631. Russell Sumpter, Moberly, Missouri
  632. Alice L. Jones, Moberly, Missouri
  633. Richard Peterson, Moberly, Missouri
  634. Janice Peterson, Moberly, Missouri
  635. Jason Peterson, Moberly, Missouri
  636. Marjorie Price, Moberly, Missouri
  637. Bobbie Martin, Moberly, Missouri
  638. Darvin Martin, Moberly, Missouri
  639. Damon Cox, Moberly, Missouri
  640. Donna Ingebritson, Moberly, Missouri
  641. Steve Ingebritson, Moberly, Missouri
  642. Bobbie Pollock, Moberly, Missouri
  643. Lorie Egesdal, Moberly, Missouri
  644. Kenny Egesdal, Moberly, Missouri
  645. Carol Pieske, Moberly, Missouri
  646. David Pieske, Moberly, Missouri
  647. Nancy Dennis, Moberly, Missouri
  648. Sandra Viers, Moberly, Missouri
  649. Charles Viers, Moberly, Missouri
  650. Michael Viers, Moberly, Missouri
  651. Kristy Dennis, Moberly, Missouri
  652. Sheryl Klatt, Moberly, Missouri
  653. Larry Montgomery, Wetumpka, Alabama
  654. Rev. Jon Farris
  655. Dr. Brooks Ambos
  656. Gerrie Mote, Plainview, TX
  657. Jeannine Moore, Plainview, TX
  658. Toney Lynch, Plainview, TX
  659. Bula McGowen, Plainview, TX
  660. Sam McGowen, Plainview, TX
  661. Bob Mote, Plainview, TX
  662. Ron White, Plainview, TX
  663. Pat White, Plainview, TX
  664. Emy Deardorf, Plainview, TX
  665. Mildred Mouser, Plainview, TX
  666. Dorothy Hilliard, Plainview, TX
  667. Newton Hilliard, Plainview, TX
  668. Don Appling, Plainview, TX
  669. Chuck Arledge, Plainview, TX
  670. Jo Reed, Kress, TX
  671. Bud Kidwell, Plainview, TX
  672. Karilyn Kidwell, Plainview, TX
  673. Juanita Browning, Plainview, TX
  674. Eugene Daniels, Plainview, TX
  675. Sally Daniels, Plainview, TX
  676. Bob Bowden, Plainview, TX
  677. Nancy Bowden, Plainview, TX
  678. Don McMahan, Plainview, TX
  679. Virginia McMahan, Plainview, TX
  680. Dr. T. Coe Branch, Plainview, TX
  681. Ann McAdams, Plainview, TX
  682. Kenneth McAdams, Plainview, TX
  683. Raymond Miller, Plainview, TX
  684. Peggy Miller, Plainview, TX
  685. Mike Price, Plainview, TX
  686. Debbie Price, Plainview, TX
  687. Ranada Jack, Plainview, TX
  688. Jimmy Jack, Plainview, TX
  689. Tonya Stokes, Plainview, TX
  690. Larry Stokes, Plainview, TX
  691. Pam Miller, Plainview, TX
  692. Randy Miller, Plainview, TX
  693. Jim Lambert, Plainview, TX
  694. Barb Lambert, Plainview, TX
  695. Ruth Ann McNutt, Plainview, TX
  696. Larry McNutt, Plainview, TX
  697. Jan Foster, Kress, TX
  698. Lisa BAiley, Plainview, TX
  699. Carlene Bailey, Aztec, NM
  700. Curtis Bailey, Plainview, TX
  701. Sharla Sowa, Plainview, TX
  702. Harold Sowa, Plainview, TX
  703. Richard Rockwell, Plainview, TX
  704. Melody Rockwell, Plainview, TX
  705. Brenda Edwards, Plainview, TX
  706. Roger Edwards, Plainview, TX
  707. Kyle Stokes, Plainview, TX
  708. Darlene Terrell, Plainview, TX
  709. Patt Terrell, Plainview, TX
  710. Steve Mercheski, Plainview, TX
  711. Deana Sageser, Kress, TX
  712. Cindy Reed, Kress, TX
  713. Debbie Riddle, Plainview, TX
  714. Patti Noel, Plainview, TX
  715. John Carter, Plainview, TX
  716. Carrie Summers, Plainview, TX
  717. Randy Summers, Plainview, TX
  718. Byron Hannabas, Plainview, TX
  719. Beth Hannabas, Plainview, TX
  720. Jana Penka, Plainview, TX
  721. Mike Penka, Plainview, TX
  722. Cdary Nagar, Plainview, TX
  723. Eldon Gouldy - Plainview, TX
  724. Betty Gouldy - Plainview, TX
  725. Ron Miller - Plainview, TX
  726. Melody Miller - Plainview, TX
  727. Barbara Bell - Plainview, TX
  728. Rodney Bell - Plainview, TX
  729. Mike Fox - Plainview, TX
  730. Mary Beth Fox - Plainview, TX
  731. Ada Gilbert - Plainview, TX
  732. Bill Gilbert - Plainview, TX
  733. Judy Cook - Plainview, TX
  734. John Bertsch, Plainview, TX
  735. Kathy Bertsch, Plainview, TX
  736. Sue Young, Plainview, TX
  737. Sue Douglass, Plainview, TX
  738. Ken Douglass, Plainview, TX
  739. Jack Brown, LaPlace, LA
  740. Bruce Smolenski, Sterling Heights, Michigan
  741. Rev. Lawrence H. Potts, Beverly, New Jersey
  742. Ms. Randel Miltiades, Marietta, Georgia
  743. Rev. Thomas D. Snyder, Savannah, Ohio
  744. Dr. Jim F. Cole, Marietta, Georgia
  745. Lisa Weber, Three Rivers, Texas
  746. Rev. Richard C. North, Sciotoville, Ohio
  747. Rev. Gary Allan, Frankfort, Indiana
  748. Rev. Budd L. Sprague, Ashland, Ohio
  749. Rev. Dale  Shunk, Western Pennsylvania
  750. Gary M. Austin, Marietta, Georgia
  751. Reva S. Austin, Marietta, Georgia
  752. Kristin E. Taylor, Englewood, Florida
  753. Rev. E. Powell Ostern, New Burn, North Carolina
  754. Ken Knowles, Marietta, Georgia
  755. Tracy Knowles, Marietta, Georgia
  756. Rev. Steve Castle, Kennedy, Texas
  757. George Don Spruill, Atlanta, Georgia
  758. Rev. Donald W. Lare, Delroy, Ohio
  759. Max Pavlovsky, Marietta, Georgia
  760. Karleen Ferguson, Marietta, Georgia
  761. Robert Ferguson, Marietta, Georgia
  762. Linda Tadlock, Three Rivers, Texas
  763. Rev. Robert E. Dauber, Columbus, Ohio
  764. Rev. Tony Caldwell, Adrian, Georgia
  765. Mrs. Patricia North, Sciotoville, Ohio
  766. Rev. Richard A. Young, Corpus Christi, Texas
  767. Jeffrey R. Jacobsen, Windsor, Connecticutt
  768. Mr. Roger A. McNary, Canton, Ohio
  769. Charles Griffiths, Midvale, New Jersey
  770. Wiley Ray Putnam, Dallas, TX
  771. Billie Joe Putnam, Dallas, TX
  772. Rondall Paul Putnam, Dallas, TX
  773. Rev. Byron W. Putnam, Hosston, LA
  774. Rev. James W. Putnam, Marshall, TX
  775. Janine Leah Putnam, Bedford, TX
  776. Jewell Putnam, Marshall, TX
  777. Adam Cox, Atanta, TX
  778. Alan Cobb, Atanta, TX
  779. Alisha Shirley, Atanta, TX
  780. Almeta Currie, Atanta, TX
  781. Amanda Milton, Atanta, TX
  782. Amy Tolleson, Atanta, TX
  783. Ana Beth Kennedy, Atanta, TX
  784. Angela Holman, Atanta, TX
  785. Anne B. Nasits, Atanta, TX
  786. Anne Goodroe, Atanta, TX
  787. Annette McCoy, Atanta, TX
  788. Annie Lollar, Atanta, TX
  789. Annie Russell Maynor, Atanta, TX
  790. Antoinette Moore, Atanta, TX
  791. Audi Thompson, Atanta, TX
  792. Audrey Matlock, Atanta, TX
  793. Audrey Rankin, Atanta, TX
  794. Barbara Glass, Atanta, TX
  795. Bart Deaton, Atanta, TX
  796. Ben Scharnberg, Atanta, TX
  797. Ben Swint, Atanta, TX
  798. Ben Tolleson, Atanta, TX
  799. Bertha Moore, Atanta, TX
  800. Beth Mays, Atanta, TX
  801. Beth Simmons , Atanta, TX
  802. Betty Deaton, Atanta, TX
  803. Betty Russel, Atanta, TX
  804. Betty Swint, Atanta, TX
  805. Bill Lollar, Atanta, TX
  806. Bill Moore, Atanta, TX
  807. Billie Parmelee, Atanta, TX
  808. Billie Thompson, Atanta, TX
  809. Billy Tolleson, Atanta, TX
  810. Bo Howard, Atanta, TX
  811. Bob Winfrey , Atanta, TX
  812. Bobbie Roberts, Atanta, TX
  813. Bobby Allday, Atanta, TX
  814. Bonny Roark, Atanta, TX
  815. Brandon Johns, Atanta, TX
  816. Brenda Sawyer, Atanta, TX
  817. Bret Cruthcher, Atanta, TX
  818. Brooke Allen, Atanta, TX
  819. Bruce Allen, Atanta, TX
  820. Cara Sawyer, Atanta, TX
  821. Carl Greene, Atanta, TX
  822. Carl J. Woods , Atanta, TX
  823. Carlos R. Long, Atanta, TX
  824. Carol Price, Atanta, TX
  825. Carolyn Addington, Atanta, TX
  826. Charles Riley, Atanta, TX
  827. Cheryl Savage, Atanta, TX
  828. Christine Puckett, Atanta, TX
  829. Connie Adams, Atanta, TX
  830. Curtis McCool, Atanta, TX
  831. D.C. Duncan, Atanta, TX
  832. Dan Martin, Atanta, TX
  833. Daven Bailey, Atanta, TX
  834. David King, Atanta, TX
  835. David Lester, Atanta, TX
  836. David Nicholson, Atanta, TX
  837. David W. Kennedy, Atanta, TX
  838. Dean Hopper, Atanta, TX
  839. Deanna Lester, Atanta, TX
  840. Debbie White, Atanta, TX
  841. DeLoris Tolleson, Atanta, TX
  842. Denise Putnam, Atanta, TX
  843. Dianne Bryan, Atanta, TX
  844. Don Cruther, Atanta, TX
  845. Don Mark Putnam , Atanta, TX
  846. Donald Loper, Atanta, TX
  847. Donna Bird, Atanta, TX
  848. Donna Gwenn Putnam, Atanta, TX
  849. Donna Hanner, Atanta, TX
  850. Doris Johnson, Atanta, TX
  851. Doug Whatley , Atanta, TX
  852. Dow Manuel, Atanta, TX
  853. Dr. Danny Addington, Atanta, TX
  854. Dr. Mike Giesler, Atanta, TX
  855. Dr. Randy Cox, Atanta, TX
  856. Drew Stubbs, Atanta, TX
  857. Dub Clayton, Atanta, TX
  858. Dwaine Currie, Atanta, TX
  859. Ed Shirley, Atanta, TX
  860. Edward Glass, Atanta, TX
  861. Elizabeth Shuffield, Atanta, TX
  862. Elta Thompson, Atanta, TX
  863. Emily Mays, Atanta, TX
  864. Emma Stewart, Atanta, TX
  865. Eron Vaughn, Atanta, TX
  866. Eula M. Dugger, Atanta, TX
  867. Ferrol Goodroe, Atanta, TX
  868. Floyd Sharrer, Atanta, TX
  869. Foy Reagan, Atanta, TX
  870. Frances Holman, Atanta, TX
  871. Frank Allday, Atanta, TX
  872. Franklyn Cobb, Atanta, TX
  873. Gary Price, Atanta, TX
  874. Geneice Glass, Atanta, TX
  875. George Holman, Atanta, TX
  876. George Welch, Jr., Atanta, TX
  877. Glenn Hunter, Atanta, TX
  878. Gussie Vaughn, Atanta, TX
  879. H.L. Eubanks, Atanta, TX
  880. Haley White, Atanta, TX
  881. Harriet Whatley, Atanta, TX
  882. Heather Moore, Atanta, TX
  883. Helen Alexander, Atanta, TX (recipient of Denman Award 1998 Texas Annual Conference)
  884. Helen Clayton, Atanta, TX
  885. Helen Finn, Atanta, TX
  886. Helen Smith, Atanta, TX
  887. Huleen Coen, Atanta, TX
  888. Irene Taylor, Atanta, TX
  889. J.D. Taylor, Atanta, TX
  890. Jack Nasits, Atanta, TX
  891. James G. Joslin, Atanta, TX
  892. James Gholson, Atanta, TX
  893. Jana Scharnberg, Atanta, TX
  894. Janelle Clemets, Atanta, TX
  895. Jared M. Putnam, Atanta, TX
  896. Jared Mays, Atanta, TX
  897. Jeanette Martin, Atanta, TX
  898. Jen Smith, Atanta, TX
  899. Jennifer Cobb, Atanta, TX
  900. Jessica M. Putnam, Atanta, TX
  901. Jill Daniel, Atanta, TX
  902. Jill Elizabeth Riley, Atanta, TX
  903. Jim Huston, Atanta, TX
  904. Jim McClure, Atanta, TX
  905. Jimmy F. Sheyse, Atanta, TX
  906. Jimmy F. Thompson, Atanta, TX
  907. Joe Alexander, Atanta, TX
  908. John Bird, Atanta, TX
  909. John Livingston, Atanta, TX
  910. John W. Livingston, Atanta, TX
  911. John W. Price, Atanta, TX
  912. Joyce Mayton, Atanta, TX
  913. Juanita Ferrell, Atanta, TX
  914. Julia Mays, Atanta, TX
  915. Jullia S. McKinney, Atanta, TX
  916. Kanen Watkins, Atanta, TX
  917. Karen M. King, Atanta, TX
  918. Katherin A. Julian, Atanta, TX
  919. Katherine Stubbs, Atanta, TX
  920. Kathleen Howe, Atanta, TX
  921. Kathlyn Patterson, Atanta, TX
  922. Kathy Luce, Atanta, TX
  923. Kathy Peacock, Atanta, TX
  924. Katie Eddlemen, Atanta, TX
  925. Kay Hunter, Atanta, TX
  926. Kelly Arnold , Atanta, TX
  927. Kelly Joslin , Atanta, TX
  928. Ken Daniel, Atanta, TX
  929. Kevin Cook , Atanta, TX
  930. Kevin King, Atanta, TX
  931. Kevin Moore, Atanta, TX
  932. Kieth Clayton, Atanta, TX
  933. Kyla Deaton, Atanta, TX
  934. Kyle Deaton, Atanta, TX
  935. Lajuana Allday, Atanta, TX
  936. Lana Phillips, Atanta, TX
  937. Larry Smith, Atanta, TX
  938. Laura Shirely, Atanta, TX
  939. Laverne Clinton, Atanta, TX
  940. Lawrence Staggs, Atanta, TX
  941. LeNeal Peacock, Atanta, TX
  942. Lewis Endsley, Atanta, TX
  943. Libby Welch, Atanta, TX
  944. Linda Smith, Atanta, TX
  945. Linnea Shirley, Atanta, TX
  946. Lisa Allen Sloan, Atanta, TX
  947. Lisa M. Sloan, Atanta, TX
  948. Lois Frank, Atanta, TX
  949. Lori Cole, Atanta, TX
  950. Lori Smith, Atanta, TX
  951. Louis Endsley, Atanta, TX
  952. Louise Allen, Atanta, TX
  953. Louise McGee, Atanta, TX
  954. Lucille Arrington, Atanta, TX
  955. Luke Addington, Atanta, TX
  956. Lynda McClure, Atanta, TX
  957. M. L. Gholson, Atanta, TX
  958. Marcia Endsley, Atanta, TX
  959. Marie Lovil, Atanta, TX
  960. Marie Oden, Atanta, TX
  961. Marilyn Cobb, Atanta, TX
  962. Mark Cobb, Atanta, TX
  963. Marris W. Dugger, Atanta, TX
  964. Martha Scott, Atanta, TX
  965. Mary Alyce Loper, Atanta, TX
  966. Mary J. Howard, Atanta, TX
  967. Mary Moore, Atanta, TX
  968. Mary Welch, Atanta, TX
  969. Megan Price , Atanta, TX
  970. Melba Hopper, Atanta, TX
  971. Melba Nicholson, Atanta, TX
  972. Melissa Whatley, Atanta, TX
  973. Michael Holman, Atanta, TX
  974. Michael White, Atanta, TX
  975. Millie Anderson, Atanta, TX
  976. Mozell Wilkins, Atanta, TX
  977. Myra Leimbrook, Atanta, TX
  978. Nell Lollar, Atanta, TX
  979. Nell Staggs, Atanta, TX
  980. Nita Little, Atanta, TX
  981. Norma Jean Gholson, Atanta, TX
  982. Norma Price, Atanta, TX
  983. Norman Larry Smith, Atanta, TX
  984. O.J. Stephens, Atanta, TX
  985. Odell R. Moore, Atanta, TX
  986. Olin Ferrell, Atanta, TX
  987. Pam Adams, Atanta, TX
  988. Pat Cook, Atanta, TX
  989. Patsy R. Livingston, Atanta, TX
  990. Paul Vaughn, Atanta, TX
  991. Peggy Wadsworth, Atanta, TX
  992. Penny Brabham, Atanta, TX
  993. Phillip Moore, Atanta, TX
  994. Polly Eubanks, Atanta, TX
  995. Quinton Puckett, Atanta, TX
  996. Randy Moore, Atanta, TX
  997. Ray Roberts, Atanta, TX
  998. Rebecca L. Haydel, Atanta, TX
  999. Rebecca W. Wimberly, Atanta, TX
  1000. Regina Parks, Atanta, TX
  1001. Rita Cox, Atanta, TX
  1002. Robert Steger, Atanta, TX
  1003. Roberta Hagan, Atanta, TX
  1004. Roger Matlock, Atanta, TX
  1005. Rowena Webb, Atanta, TX
  1006. Roxanne Endsley, Atanta, TX
  1007. Roy E. Price, Atanta, TX
  1008. Sally Allday, Atanta, TX
  1009. Sam Wadsworth, Atanta, TX
  1010. Sandra Dubose, Atanta, TX
  1011. Sandy Price, Atanta, TX
  1012. Sarah Scharnberg, Atanta, TX
  1013. Sarah Weathersby, Atanta, TX
  1014. Sawyer Wimberly, Atanta, TX
  1015. Scott Bryan, Atanta, TX
  1016. Sharon Cook, Atanta, TX
  1017. Sharon Riley, Atanta, TX
  1018. Sherie Shirley, Atanta, TX
  1019. Shirley Long, Atanta, TX
  1020. Shirley Smith, Atanta, TX
  1021. Stacey Harrell, Atanta, TX
  1022. Star Clayton, Atanta, TX
  1023. Stephanie Daniel, Atanta, TX
  1024. Stephanie Smith, Atanta, TX
  1025. Steve Little, Atanta, TX
  1026. Stewart Scharnberg, Atanta, TX
  1027. Stuart Smith, Atanta, TX
  1028. Summer Golden, Atanta, TX
  1029. Susan Smith, Atanta, TX
  1030. Ted Brabham, Atanta, TX
  1031. Teresa Moore, Atanta, TX
  1032. Thelma Jackson, Atanta, TX
  1033. Tod McWhorter, Atanta, TX
  1034. Tom McKinney, Atanta, TX
  1035. Tommie Hannon , Atanta, TX
  1036. Tommy Deaton, Atanta, TX
  1037. Travis Addington, Atanta, TX
  1038. Trudy Moore, Atanta, TX
  1039. Vera Robinson-Neff, Atanta, TX
  1040. Virginia Sharrer, Atanta, TX
  1041. Vivian McWhorter, Atanta, TX
  1042. Walter Phillips, Atanta, TX
  1043. Wan Abeles, Atanta, TX
  1044. Wana D. Greene, Atanta, TX
  1045. Willard Smith, Atanta, TX
  1046. Woodrow Willson, Atanta, TX
  1047. Dr. Rudy Guess, Guntersville, Alabama
  1048. Mrs. Gina Guess, Guntersville, Alabama
  1049. The Rev. Barrett Alewine, Columbia, SC
  1050. James L. Allison, Claremore, Oklahoma
  1051. Adam Cox, Atlanta, Texas
  1052. Alan Cobb, Atlanta, Texas
  1053. Alisha Shirley, Atlanta, Texas
  1054. Almeta Currie, Atlanta, Texas
  1055. Amanda Milton, Atlanta, Texas
  1056. Amy Tolleson, Atlanta, Texas
  1057. Ana Beth Kennedy Atlanta, Texas
  1058. Angela Holman Atlanta, Texas
  1059. Anne B. Nasits Atlanta, Texas
  1060. Anne Goodroe Atlanta, Texas
  1061. Annette McCoy Atlanta, Texas
  1062. Annie Lollar Atlanta, Texas
  1063. Annie Russell Maynor Atlanta, Texas
  1064. Antoinette Moore Atlanta, Texas
  1065. Audi Thompson Atlanta, Texas
  1066. Audrey Matlock Atlanta, Texas
  1067. Audrey Rankin Atlanta, Texas
  1068. Barbara Glass Atlanta, Texas
  1069. Bart Deaton Atlanta, Texas
  1070. Ben Scharnberg Atlanta, Texas
  1071. Ben Swint Atlanta, Texas
  1072. Ben Tolleson Atlanta, Texas
  1073. Bertha Moore Atlanta, Texas
  1074. Beth Mays Atlanta, Texas
  1075. Beth Simmons Atlanta, Texas
  1076. Betty Deaton Atlanta, Texas
  1077. Betty Russel Atlanta, Texas
  1078. Betty Swint Atlanta, Texas
  1079. Bill Lollar Atlanta, Texas
  1080. Bill Moore Atlanta, Texas
  1081. Billie Joe Putnam, Dallas, TX
  1082. Billie Parmelee Atlanta, Texas
  1083. Billie Thompson Atlanta, Texas
  1084. Billy Tolleson Atlanta, Texas
  1085. Bo Howard Atlanta, Texas
  1086. Bob Winfrey  Atlanta, Texas
  1087. Bobbie Roberts Atlanta, Texas
  1088. Bobby Allday Atlanta, Texas
  1089. Bonny Roark Atlanta, Texas
  1090. Brandon Johns Atlanta, Texas
  1091. Brenda Sawyer Atlanta, Texas
  1092. Bret Cruthcher Atlanta, Texas
  1093. Brooke Allen Atlanta, Texas
  1094. Bruce Allen Atlanta, Texas
  1095. Cara Sawyer Atlanta, Texas
  1096. Carl Greene Atlanta, Texas
  1097. Carl J. Woods Atlanta, Texas
  1098. Carlos R. Long Atlanta, Texas
  1099. Carol Price Atlanta, Texas
  1100. Carolyn Addington Atlanta, Texas
  1101. Charles Riley Atlanta, Texas
  1102. Cheryl Savage Atlanta, Texas
  1103. Christine Puckett Atlanta, Texas
  1104. Connie Adams Atlanta, Texas
  1105. Curtis McCool Atlanta, Texas
  1106. D.C. Duncan Atlanta, Texas
  1107. Dan Martin Atlanta, Texas
  1108. Daven Bailey Atlanta, Texas
  1109. David King Atlanta, Texas
  1110. David Lester Atlanta, Texas
  1111. David Nicholson Atlanta, Texas
  1112. David W. Kennedy Atlanta, Texas
  1113. Dean Hopper Atlanta, Texas
  1114. Deanna Lester Atlanta, Texas
  1115. Debbie White Atlanta, Texas
  1116. DeLoris Tolleson Atlanta, Texas
  1117. Denise Putnam Atlanta, Texas
  1118. Dianne Bryan Atlanta, Texas
  1119. Don Cruther Atlanta, Texas
  1120. Don Mark Putnam Atlanta, Texas
  1121. Sally A. Ayres, Dunkirk, MD
  1122. D.R. Bailey
  1123. Donald R. Barley, Lebanon, PA 
  1124. James Beise, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  1125. Donald B. Benson, Ph.D., M.Div. -- Rockingham, NC
  1126. Rev. Bobby Hankins, Booneville, Mississippi
  1127. Mrs. Becky Bozic - Morgantown, West Virginia
  1128. Rev. Bradley C. Knepp, Mt. Holly Springs, PA
  1129. Mrs. Peg Bryden -- Rome, PA
  1130. Charles F. Griffiths, Haskell, NJ
  1131. Rob Clopton, Arlington, TX
  1132. Rev. Norman H. Coleman III, Athens, Ohio
  1133. Teresa J. Cornett, Fayetteville, AR
  1134. Rev. Floyd Costello, Navarre, Ohio
  1135. Rev. Don Russell, Booneville, MS
  1136. Rev. P. Durwood Worley - Camden, Tennessee
  1137. Dwain Whitehurst,  Mississippi Conference
  1138. John Exum, Conyers, Georgia
  1139. Shirley Exum, Conyers, Georgia
  1140. Margaret Farnsworth
  1141. Mark D. Walz, Sr., Pikeville, KY
  1142. Rev. Dan Vernon Gates, Columbus, Georgia
  1143. Candace Granger -- Kokomo, Indiana
  1144. Rev. David T. Grout - Wilmore, Kentucky
  1145. Rev. Jeff Armbrester, Vinemont, AL
  1146. Joe S. Florence, Dallas, Texas
  1147. Joe McManus, Austin, TX
  1148. Rev. Jeffrey C. Jones, Star City, Indiana
  1149. Rev. O. Alan Jones, Piketon, Ohio
  1150. Rev Paul W. Kobi, LaCrescent, MN
  1151. Steve Langley, Oak Park, IL
  1152. Rev. Larry Jacobson, Chickasha, OK
  1153. Louis (Lou) Victor Priebe, Springfield, Virginia
  1154. Dr. Joe Horn, Plainview, Texas
  1155. Meredith Ruiz, Plainview, Texas
  1156. Joe Ruiz, Plainview, Texas
  1157. R. C. Hyde, Plainview, TX
  1158. Mrs. R. C. Hyde, Plainview, TX
  1159. Melba Neeley, Plainview, TX
  1160. Cleo Tilson, Plainview, TX
  1161. W. B. Tilson, Planview, TX
  1162. Bill Messick, Plainview, TX
  1163. Hazel Messick, Plainview, TX
  1164. Dorothy Morton, Plainview, TX
  1165. Eddie Morton, Plainview, TX
  1166. Bil Howard, Plainview, TX
  1167. Marla Howard, Plainview, TX
  1168. Merlin Bennett, Plainview, TX
  1169. Joyce Bennett, Plainview, TX
  1170. Don Wason, Plainview, TX
  1171. June Wason, Plainview, TX
  1172. Darlene Sanders, Plainview, TX
  1173. Ray Pendergat, Plainview, TX
  1174. Martha Pendergast, Plainview, TX
  1175. Jackie Seago, Plainview, TX
  1176. Cindy Seago, Plainview, TX
  1177. Jean Howell, Plainview, TX
  1178. Mike Howell, Plainview, TX
  1179. Carole Bell, Plainview, TX
  1180. Freddy Bell, Plainview, TX
  1181. Rev. Marvin Gregory--Tahoka, Texas
  1182. Betty & Dusty Miller, Columbus, GA
  1183. Rev. Mark Struckhoff, Springfield, MO
  1184. Kay Struckhoff, Springfield, MO
  1185. Rev. Scott L. Moss, Lafayette, IN
  1186. Mrs. Nancy Smith
  1187. Rev. Marty Nason, Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina
  1188. Rev. Nathan T. Snider, High Point, North Carolina
  1189. Dr. Bill Phares, Lanett, AL
  1190. Susan Ralphe, Fountain Hills, AZ
  1191. Bill Reincheld, South Georgia Annual Conference
  1192. Rev. John Rentz, Waycross, GA
  1193. Rev. Donny Riley, Golden, Mississippi
  1194. Bonnie Riley, Golden, Mississippi
  1195. Mr. David Roman - Senatobia, Mississippi
  1196. Rev. Don Russell, Mississippi
  1197. Sam Marshall, Belleville, Illinois
  1198. Michael G. Shaffer, Hartford City, Indiana
  1199. Richard H Sheehan, Columbus, Ga
  1200. Jennifer Shepherd, Three Rivers, Texas
  1201. Al Solomon, Charlevoix, MI
  1202. Rev. Jeff Spaulding, Salem, Missouri
  1203. Rev. Rick Spell, Bluefield, VA
  1204. Barry Springer-Harrisonville,MO
  1205. Paula Springer-Harrisonville, MO
  1206. Joe M. Sprinkle, Ph.D.; Toccoa, GA
  1207. Janice Spurgeon, Charlevoix, Michigan
  1208. Verna Strawn, Spearman, Texas
  1209. Mrs. Frances Jean Sunderland,  San Antonio, TX
  1210. Rev. Keith D. Sweat, SC
  1211. Rev. Carl E. Westbrook, San Antonio, Texas
  1212. Dr. Delbert Williams-Tulsa, OK
  1213. Mrs. Jean Williams, Tulsa, OK
  1214. Hugh P. Williamson, Jr., Colfax, WI
  1215. Sarah M. Williamson, Colfax, WI
  1216. Mrs. Linda R. Wilson, Tulsa, Ok
  1217. Mrs. Nichole Simmons-Zawisza, Charlevoix, Michigan
  1218. Janz and Patricia Mynderup, Fresno, CA, CalNev Conf
  1219. Ken L. Hagler, Manchester, MO
  1220. Rev. Phillip Short, Lake Wales, FL
  1221. Mrs. Giova Short, Lake Wales, FL
  1222. Magdalen Johnson, Portland, OR
  1223. Kevin Johnson, Portland, OR
  1224. Ray L. Reed, Austin, Texas
  1225. Gleason Grimes - Milford, NE
  1226. Pat Grimes - Milford, NE
  1227. Jennifer Renfrow - Vernon, Texas
  1228. Rev. Buford W. Hankins - Big Stone Gap, VA
  1229. Phyllis. L. Hankin - Big Stone Gap, VA
  1230. Thomas N. McLain - Lexington, Kentucky
  1231. Don Thorstenson - Flagstaff, AZ
  1232. Richard Turpyn - Alexandria, Virginia
  1233. Rev. John Ewton, Rising City, Nebraska
  1234. Rev. H. Lee Cheek, Jr., Western North Carolina Conf.
  1235. Mrs. Judy H. Johnson, Jamestown, NC
  1236. Elizabeth Rosenberger, New Richmond, Ohio
  1237. Rev. Scott Foresman, Omaha, NE
  1238. Dr. James Stinemire, Goodwater, Alabama
  1239. Mrs. Debbie Stinemire, Goodwater, Alabama
  1240. Mrs. Pamela Schenck, Clark Fork, ID
  1241. Deena M. Taylor, Jacksonville, FL

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