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UMC "missing the mark" Discouraging Youth From Joining Christian Organizations In College As Solution To Membership Woes

From: Michael L. Gonzalez [ GonzoML@ameritech.net ]
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 9:41 AM
To: Warrener, John
Subject: UMC on campus losing to REAL Christian organizations

John [UCMPage.org],

...[I]t's interesting that what the UMC wants to do is stop young people from joining REAL Christian organizations.

Unlike how the UMC is thinking, REAL Christians wouldn't have a problem with students choosing a Christian organization other than their own, but the UMC is being selfish (the reason is money, of course). Is it any wonder the UMC has little new membership on profession of faith as opposed to transfer? Where's the UMC effort to reach out to the lost? Of course, that's the problem, isn't it!

On the other hand, given the heresy and apostasy running rampant in the UMC, it would be best that none of the lost show up at a UMC doorstep.

My point is this: If indeed this UM Board of Higher Education is truly preaching the Gospel, this author's focus is misdirected -- he ought to be reaching out to the lost on campus, as opposed to striving to keep UM youth from joining other Christian organizations on campus.

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