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UCMPage.org Accused Of "H" Word For Exposing Pro-homosexuality UM Bishop's Plan To Undermine Church Law

From: rum-nc@yahoogroups.com  On Behalf Of Jean Aycock
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 2:08 PM
Subject: [rum-nc] RUM list-serve abuse
   We were recently notified by Troy Plummer of Reconciling Ministries Network that a posting I had made to this list-serve for Reconciling United Methodists and Friends of N.C. had been sent to a GLBT hate site (“The UnOfficial Confessing Movement Page”), apparently by someone on our list-serve.  It was accompanied by the headline “UM Bishop To Sneak Unrepentant Homosexual Into Membership At Virginia UM Church In Spite Of High Court Ruling”.
    This is fallacious and defaming of Bishop Kammerer.  By twisting the content of a letter I had forwarded to our list-serve, the article accuses Bishop Kammerer of planning to thwart the ruling of the Judicial Council.  In reality, Bishop Kammerer responded with a point of church law to Gavin's question:  "Can a transfer of membership from one UMC to another be denied?"  She in no way encouraged him to move in this direction. In addition, the Bishop has done her utmost to uphold the Judicial Council ruling in question.  If Gavin chooses to join Calvary, it will only be after careful counsel and deep prayer. 
    Participants in hate sites often project their own devious (“sneaky”) thinking and nefarious activities onto others, in this case Bishop Kammerer.  The nefarious activities which HAVE occurred here are (1) the abuse of RUM’s list-serve to (2) distort information for the sake of speaking evil (3) in the name of Jesus - or so would claim this web site. (My look at this web site’s list of “articles” makes clear that this IS a hate site, masquerading (once again) as representing United Methodism).
    It is not acceptable for any RUM list-serve member to use these communications for such purposes.  Being on the RUM list-serve also does not confer the right to copy any part of our communications for public or other use unless they are so marked or unless the author has given permission to share, any more than any other private communication.  We wish we could protect our legitimate participants from this disrespectful misuse of the list-serve and deeply regret pain caused to Lee, Gavin, Bishop Kammerer and others.
    (Sadly, in addition, it was not even Lee's intent that her letter to me be shared with the list-serve.  I misunderstood her permission to share her email for permission to share her letter, rather than only her email address).
    Jeanie Aycock  
Below is the content that appeared on the website, including Lee’s letter, under the heading “Accountability Watch”.......!  Looking at the additional meaning of the headline, the claim these folks want to make is that gay individuals cannot legitimately join UM churches.  Their agenda is to corrupt the Discipline of the UMC.
   And, of course, they never get that what Reconciling United Methodists are “pro-” is Christianity: forego judging and love your neighbor.

UM Bishop To Sneak Unrepentant Homosexual Into Membership At Virginia UM Church In Spite Of High Court Ruling

   From: bassdrone01@bellsouth.net 
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 2:46 PM
To: John Warrener
Subject: Lee Warren of South Hill, VA
Dear John,
Lee Warren is the former associate of Edward Johnson at South Hill, VA. She was the one trying to get Rev. Johnson to admit the non-repentant homosexual into membership. I had heard that she was not going to be in that position since Rev. Johnson was reappointed after the fall Judicial Council decisions. This letter is from Lee Warren about a recent rumor that he was fired, dismissed or otherwise let go.
If Rev. Warren's assessment of the situation is correct the conflict at South Hill is not over by a long shot. Once again any problem clergy have a chance to get into "extension ministries". Bishops and DSs are "protecting" the pro-homosexual clergy. And loop holes are being found to get around rules. "Gavin" will probably get in [by transfer from another pro-homosexuality UM church] and if not, another round of administrative procedures or trial is on the way if Rev. Johnson once again refuses membership.
Grace and peace,
Mike Evans

. Let me catch you up and tell you how gracious God has been to me.
I'm going to work with Stop Hunger Now! I met with Ray Buchanan on
Monday and I'm going to be the VA Dir., setting up a VA headquarters in
SHill. This is right up my alley and I'm feeling the first pure joy in
well over a year. My DS is thrilled as he is a strong supporter of
missions and the idea of an extension ministry for world hunger in our
district is terrific. He can also protect my clergy status.
You are free to share how God has blessed me, and opened up not a
window, but a huge door. And you are also free to share my email. Any
mail is better than the umpteen ads for stock options and fake Rolex
watches that slip by my spam protector.
Gavin is healing from a broken leg, thanks to an out-of-control
snowboarder. He's saying he's going to join Calvary and transfer his
membership back to SHill b/c the Bishop said Ed Johnson could not stop
that transfer. We'll see.

By the way, Jan Rivero is a good buddy of mine!! She's been so
supportive through all of this.

[editor's note] When an unrepentant homosexual is refused membership according to UMC law, its Book of Discipline, upheld by the Judicial Council, and he joins another church and plans to transfer to the same church "b/c" [because] of a Bishop's counsel; it seems obviously sneaky and nefarious to me.  It reminds me of the kind of innocent denials convicts make to excuse their transgressions in prison.
    Thank you for being a faithful UCMPage.org reader.

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