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  • UMC Launches New Social Action Cyber Church - Plenty of internet gadgets, BUT no message of Grace - April 26, 2009
    + Use their key word search and type "saved by grace" and learn about, government bailouts, youtube, Japanese art, NATO capture of pirates and weight loss, but nothing about Jesus Christ

  • UM Clergyman Speaks Out In Bold New Blog - We talk .. and talk … and talk and dialogue and then … talk! Meanwhile, church law and the Church Discipline are disregarded, doctrine is ignored and dismantled and Methodist traditional belief is trampled, as liberal strongholds are built higher and stronger using our money for ungodly works. - September 30, 2005

  • The Grammys Got Religion "Isn’t that shocking? If you ridicule people for their beliefs and how they live their lives they stop watching your awards shows and stop buying your music." - February 16, 2005


Even More News!

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