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Unofficial UM Bulletin Boards for GN, UMC, CM

Youth Listserv by GH1

Talk with other youth from around the country.  See what is going on in their youth groups and churches. Ask questions about God and how others are sharing God in school.  The good thing about a listserv is you don't need to be online at the same time.  You just send your email to the list email address and the system sends it out to all on the list!

Please email everyone on your list to get on this list! 

The UCMPage.org is served by GH1

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UM-List Discussion List

Unofficial Confessing Movement Discussion List
(independent of UCMPage.org)

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What is a Discussion List?
A mailing list is one of the true wonders of the Internet. Sometimes called a listservs, these lists allow persons of similar interests to send messages by email to an entire group of like-minded readers. Such lists provide an excellent forum for discussion and debate. These list are privately owned and do not represent the opinions or beliefs of the official movements or church organizations.

There are three mailing list discussion groups:

  1. Unofficial Confessing Movement Discussion List related to discussion of the Confessing Movement Within the United Methodist Church.

  2. The UM-List related to general discussion of issues within the United Methodist Church

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UM Voice

United Methodist News Service

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